Smart-AVI 4-port DVI-D EDID Emulator


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Model: 4 Port
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Eliminate the Headache of Display Configuration and Auto-detection with SmartAVI's EDID-Mirror-4P. The EDID-Mirror-4P prevents Windows7, XP and Linux from auto-configuring your displays if your computer is started up with the displays disconnected or turned off. Certain operating systems, especially Windows 7, have a display auto-detection feature that can reconfigure your displays if they are not powered on or connected at startup. This can lead to the frustrating task of reconfiguring your displays. The solution is the EDID-Mirror-4P, a DVI-D EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) emulator that provides a constant signal to the computer, regardless of whether the displays are present or not. This ensures that the display configuration is not lost.

Smart-AVI EDID-Mirror-4P Features and Benefits:

  • Learn up to 4 EDID configurations at once
  • Stores EDID configuration in non-volatile memory so that the unit may be powered off and the configuration will not be lost
  • Display can be disconnected as needed without losing EDID configuration
  • Uses standard EDID configuration standards
  • Compatible with most DVI-D displays and all Windows versions

SmartAVI EDID-Mirror-4P Diagram
Smart-AVI EDID DVI Emulator Diagram
(EDID-Mirror-4PS depicted here)

Smart-AVI EDID-Mirror-4P Applications

  • Corporate or Educational Presentations
  • Financial (Remote Servers/User Control)
  • Call Centers
  • Industrial (Long-Range Workstation Isolation)
  • Information Terminals/Kiosks
  • Airport Installations (Air Traffic/Passenger Info)
  • Educational Environments with remote displays

Smart-AVI EDID-Mirror-4P Specifications:

Width8.75 in.
Height1.75 in.
Depth3 in.
Weight0.5 lbs.
ApprovalsUL, CE, RoHS Compliant
ResolutionUp to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
FormatDVI-D Single Line
Maximum Pixel Clock165 MHz
Input/Output Interface4 x DVI-D 29-pin
DDC5 volts p-p(TTL)
Input EqualizationAutomatic
Input Cable LengthUp to 10 ft.
Output Cable LengthUp to 10 ft.
Other Interfaces 
DDC Signal5 Volts, TTL
TDMS Signal1.2 Volts, TTL
PowerInternal 100-240 VAC/5VDC2A, 10 W
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UPC 813280017565
EAN 0813280017565
Question: I'm seeking a way of persisting the EDID information for three dual-link DVI-D monitors, running at 1920x1080 at 120Hz (for nVidia Stereoscopic 3D surround). Would any of your adapters support 120Hz and be able to achieve this? In case it helps, the graphics card I'm needing to connect the monitors to is EVGA 1080ti FTW3 Hybrid, and the monitors connected to it are ASUS VG278HR (two of them are connected via Accel B087B-007B DisplayPort to 120Hz Dual-Link DVI-D adapters).
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

This SmartAVI EDID-Mirror-4PS uses single-link DVI and supports 1920x1080 up to 60hz. To support 1920x1080 @120hz refresh rate you will need dual-link DVI EDID emulators. You could use for example, three of the Gefen EXT-DVI-EDIDN (or Gefen EXT-DVI-EDIDP if you need HDCP support or a some extra flexibility).