Enterprise 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch With One Local User and Remote IP User.


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About SmartAVI EKS-3202-PRO

Enterprise 32 Port CAT5 KVM Switch With One Local User and Remote IP User.

 SmartAVI EKS-3202-PRO Diagram

EKS-3202-PRO Features

  • Browser-Based KVM Over IP (SmartEKS) Directly manage systems over IP networks via any browser, with no need for driver or software installations, ensuring ease of access and simplicity.
  • Versatile Dual-User Support Supports two simultaneous users and controls up to 32 servers or devices. Includes 3 convenient adapters for HDMI, DP, and VGA video connections, offering broad compatibility and flexible server management.
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) and Hotkeys Simplify navigation and control with an intuitive OSD and customizable hotkeys, allowing for quick switching and easy access to connected devices.
  • Full KM and Video Emulation Ensures continuous keyboard and mouse connectivity and maintains video integrity during switching, providing users with a seamless experience across all connected servers.
  • Extended Connectivity Enables connection of servers/PCs up to 150ft away using standard CAT5 cables, facilitating remote setup flexibility and expansive network configurations.
  • Full HD Video Support Delivers crisp FHD video output, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for efficient remote management.
  • Universal Compatibility Works seamlessly with all operating systems, including Windows and Unix-based platforms, accommodating diverse IT infrastructures.

EKS-3202-PRO Applications

  • Data Center Server Management
  • Remote Server Administration
  • Network Operations Control
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Lab and Test Environments
  • Broadcast and Media Control
  • Cloud Services Maintenance
  • High-Performance Computing Management
  • Security and Surveillance Centers

SmartAVI EKS-3202-PRO Rear Ports



Elevating IT Management

The EKS is an enterprise class KVM over IP switch that provides 2 users (2 local or 1 local and 1 remote) with BIOS level remote management of 16 (or 32) servers in a single switch. The EKS supports a wide array of video interfaces, including HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA, and stereo audio up to 150 feet. The EKS Series is at the forefront of KVM technology for small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Local and Remote Management:The EKS Series allows for 2 local users to control operations, while the PRO models feature the SmartEKS Remote KVM system for unparalleled remote access capabilities.
  • Direct Control:Utilize hotkey functions and onscreen display for effortless configuration and smooth operation, ensuring immediate access to connected devices. The EKS was created for server rooms, control rooms, and Enterprise Data Centers.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

The EKS Series stands out for its comprehensive feature set and user-centric design, making IT management more intuitive and secure.

  • Effortless Configuration and Control: Hotkey functions and an on-screen display (OSD) facilitate straightforward device management and switching.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Front panel LEDs and the OSD interface enable fast and easy access to connected computers, with the option to label them for quick identification.
  • Secure Access: Robust password security mechanisms limit access to authorized users, protecting your IT infrastructure.

Designed for Scalability and Performance

With its adaptable architecture, the EKS Series is built to accommodate evolving IT demands, offering scalability and high performance.

  • Extensive Server Management: Manage up to 32 servers directly, with cascading options to extend control and monitor hundreds of servers seamlessly.
  • Future-Proof Technology: The EKS Series is firmware upgradeable and rack mountable, ready to evolve with your IT environment.

EKS Series Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Server Connectivity: Supports HDMI, DisplayPort, and stereo audio connections, accommodating a wide range of server types.
  • Expansive Control Range: Directly connect and manage up to 16 servers within 150 feet, with cascading options for broader control.

The PRO models of the EKS Series redefine remote server management, offering BIOS-level access from any location via our proprietary SmartEKS Remote KVM system. This feature ensures a seamless and responsive user experience, just like being directly in front of the server. All this, straight from your browser with no need to download any software or drivers.

SmartAVI EKS-3202-PRO Technical Specifications

Video DVI-I Female
Video Resolution Up to 19201200@75Hz(VGA)/19201080@60Hz(DVI)
Console Connections 2 Total - 1xLocal | 1xRemote
Computer Connections 32
Console Selection Hot-Key and OSD menu
KVM Port 32xRJ45 Female
Operation Indication Online(White), Selected(Green), Offline 16xColor LED
Keyboard 1xUSB TypeA Female(white)
Mouse 1xUSB TypeA Female(white)
Firmware Upgrade Micro-USB Female
Reset Button Tact Switch
Power AC Socket with Light Power Switch
Power-On (White) Color LED Indicator
Maximum Input Power Rating AC Power 100V~240V/50~60Hz.
Operating Temp. 0-50°C
Storage Temp. -20°C; -60°C
Humidity 5-90% RH, Non-condensing
Housing Metal
Weight 4.43 lbs.
Dimension (LxWxH) in.
Safety CE/FCC