Avocent ViewPoint 32 Core Switch Chassis (8 x 8)



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Take total control of your network data center! Corporate network administrators have complete control of their networks with Avocent ViewPoint (ELC-0808VP), an integrated, seamless switching system. As many as 16 network administrators can have access to up to 32 mission-critical services to ensure smooth network operations. This makes Avocent ViewPoint a valuable tool for day-to-day network administration, as well as troubleshooting in the event of system problems. Avocent ViewPoint (ELC-0808VP) also uses Avocent's on-screen interface, OSCAR (On-Screen Configuration and Activity Reporting), which provides visual feedback on system connections as they occur. Even if a network is completely down, equipment malfunctions can be quickly isolated, identified, and corrected. And the Avocent ViewPoint (ELC-0808VP) matrix switch gives out-of-band access to a wide range of network elements such as file servers, PBX monitors, and database engines.

Avocent ViewPoint (ELC-0808VP) Features and Benefits:

  • 850 foot end to end operation with standard UTP category 5 cable
  • Flash upgradability to help ensure easy upgrades and future compatibility
  • Advanced Password Security
  • Support for multiple platforms, including PC based servers, HP-9000, SUN, IBM RS-6000, Macintosh, and other systems