Avocent ViewPoint 64 Core Switch Chassis (64 x 64)



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Avocent ViewPoint 64 (ELC-6464VP-01) provides large enterprise data centers, network operations, and server farms with efficient and reliable out-of-band server management. This matrix switch is fully compatible with the Viewpoint 32, and extends the ViewPoint family capabilities by allowing up to 64 users to view, directly control, and manage activity on up to thousands of servers. The ViewPoint 64 matrix switch allows multiple users to control large enterprise computing environments such as those found at Internet Service Providers (ISPs), server farms and large network operating centers (NOCs). ViewPoint 64 is a valuable tool for day-to-day network administration, as well as troubleshooting in the event of system problems.

The Avocent ViewPoint 64 (ELC-6464VP-01) system provides:

  • Flexibility - Avocent ViewPoint 64 provides out-of-band and non-intrusive access to a wide range of key network servers, and when teamed with Avocent's new Emerge 2000 remote server management device, provides universal access to large numbers of servers from local and remote locations.
  • Compatibility - Avocent ViewPoint 64 is compatible with a variety of network operating systems and easily integrates with existing Avocent Outlook switches that are used by major server manufacturers.
  • Greater server density - Avocent ViewPoint 64's innovative new rack-mounted package and cabling scheme allows IT managers to manage the physical aspects of their server rooms efficiently, saving valuable data center real estate and allowing for more organized server growth.
  • Programmable Functions - Avocent Viewpoint includes programmable naming, scanning, password, and system broadcast functions for complete control over your network hardware features
100 % Out-of-Band
Viewpoint, like all Apex products, is non-intrusive to your servers and network, so it never interferes with critical server operations or consumes system or network resources.
  • 850 foot end to end operation with standard UTP category 5 cable
  • Flash upgradability to help ensure easy upgrades and future compatibility
  • Advanced Password Security
  • Support for multiple platforms, including PC based servers, HP-9000, SUN, IBM RS-6000, Macintosh, and other systems