Avocent AGENT (On Screen Display Tool)



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AGENT's purpose is to provide easier administration of the ViewPoint matrix switch. Agent (Advanced, Graphical, Enterprise, Network, Tool) is software that provides a graphical interface for configuration, user, security, and administration management of Viewpoint matrix switches. All features formerly available through the Administration Console have been ported to the Agent software. Using Agent, the system administrator has control at the server level over Viewpoint configurations and security. The administrator can use Agent to organize and synchronize server control both in-band and out-of-band.

Avocent On-screen Display Tool ELC-AGENT32 Features and Benefits:

  • Creation, viewing, and editing or configuration for each port (on Viewpoint)
  • Collection of known server names from the network to assist in configuration setup
  • Ability to save configuration information
  • Ability to print configuration information
  • Assignment of login account for main access rights to Viewpoint
  • Management of user names, passwords, and lists of access rights
  • Backup list of pre-defined login accounts to permit user access if the AGENT interface is inaccessible
  • ViewPoint core version and status information
  • Flash Firmware upgrades
  • Connection status & Notifications of server connect / disconnect