NTI Mini Server Environment Monitoring System


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The NTI ENIVROMUX-MINI-LXO is a Mini Server Environment Monitoring System.

The ENVIROMUX Mini Server Environment Monitoring System monitors critical environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, and water leakage) that could destroy network components in your server room. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email, SNMP traps, web-page alerts, a visual indicator (red LED), voice phone calls (via Automatic Voice Dialer System), and SMS messages (via USB 3G modem).


  • Monitor and manage server room environmental conditions over IP.
  • Sensors supported:
    • 2 temperature/humidity sensors.
    • 5 digital inputs sensitive to contact closure.
    • Sensors are hot pluggable.
  • One output relay for control of external devices.
    • Relay activates upon alarm or via the user interface.
  • Supports IP network video cameras for live view of any facility.
    • One integrated view - see different Web cameras side-by-side with physical and environmental parameters.
    • Any programmed event can trigger a snapshot from an IP camera.
  • Monitor (ping) up to 16 IP network devices.
    • Alerts are sent if devices are not responding.
  • Alerts are posted in message log, which is accessible through Web user interface.
  • Integrates with various Open Source monitoring packages - Nagios and MRTG.
  • Linux inside.
  • Supports network security scanners.
  • Backup and restore system configurations.
  • Two USB ports for connecting USB modem or for downloading log data to USB flash drive, and one USB console port for serial terminal interface.
  • Available with optional internal battery backup.
    • Alerts are sent when there is a power outage and when power returns.
  • Flexible Zero-RU mounting.
    • Mounting tabs included.
    • Optional DIN mounting available.
  • Security: HTTPS, SSHv2, SSLv3, IP Filtering, LDAPv3, AES 256-bit encryption, 16-character username/password authentication, user account restricted access rights.
  • Use in data centers, co-lo sites, web hosting facilities, telecom switching sites, POP sites, server closets, or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored.



Width 5.66 in. (14.4 cm.)
Depth 2.03 in. (5.2 cm.)
Height 2.02 in. (5.1 cm.)
Temperature/Humidity Inputs
  • Two female RJ45 connectors for connecting temperature sensors, humidity sensors and/or combined temperature/humidity sensors.

  • Two levels of user-defined alerts - non-critical and critical.

Dry Contact Closures
  • Five screw terminal pairs for connecting dry contact devices and the liquid detection sensor.

  • Potential-free.

  • Output voltage: +5 V DC

  • Current limited to 10 mA

  • Maximum resistance to close contact: 300K Ohm

Output Relay
  • One screw terminal pair.

  • Potential-free relay switch contacts.

  • Maximum switching load: 0.5A at 125VAC, 1A at 30VDC

USB Port
  • Two female USB Type A connectors for connecting USB modem or for downloading log data to USB flash drive.

  • One female USB Type B connector for connecting a PC for serial terminal access.

Ethernet Port
  • One female RJ45 connector

  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface

Optional Back-Up Battery
  • Rechargeable sealed lithium battery

  • Provides back-up for two hours.

  • HTTP/HTTPS, SNMP V1/V2c/V3, SMTP, TCP/IP, Syslog, SNTP, DHCP, SSHv2, SSLv3, LDAPv3, AES 256-bit, 3DES, Blowfish, RSA, EDH-RSA, Arcfour, IPV6, WAP 2.0

  • Compatible with any SNMP management software.
    Operates and configures via HTTP/HTTPS web page, Telnet, SSH, or USB serial interface.

  • An IP address can be assigned to the ENVIROMUX-MINI-LXO automatically by a DHCP server.
    Generates SNMP traps, email alerts, and syslog messages.

  • Alerts are posted in event log, which is accessible through Web user interface.
    Email alerts can be sent to 17 addresses.

  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC adapter.

  • Power consumption: 5W

Operating Temperature 32 to 100F (0 to 38C)
Storage Temperature -22 to 140F (-30 to 60C)
Operating/Storage Relative Humidity 17 to 90% non-condensing RH
Regulatory Approvals CE, RoHS

Control Methods:

  •  Web Interface:
    • Configuration can be done over the Internet/LAN via Web page.
    • Supports Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Firefox 1.5 and higher, Netscape 9, Google Chrome, Safari 1.3 and higher for MAC, and Safari 3.0 and higher for PC.
    • Configure sensor's thresholds, alarm methods, formats of alerts, and system data log.
    • View/edit sensors' current values, thresholds and alert statuses.
      • All sensors connected to the ENVIROMUX-MINI-LXO can be viewed on one summary page.
      • User configurable settings allow sensors to return to normal status when alert condition clears, without manually acknowledging/dismissing the alert.
    • View/edit entries stored in the system logs.
      • Event log records system events such as alerts, user login/logout, failed email messages, etc.
      • Data log records samples of sensor readings. User specified sampling time period.
      • Both the event log and the data log store up to 1,000 entries.
      • The log can be downloaded as a tab-delimited plain text file.
    • Configure IP information (address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, etc.), user administrative settings, and data logging settings.
    • Up to 16 users can access the web page at one time.
  • Front Panel Interface:
    • LEDs indicate the following:
      • "Fault" (red) lights up if a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold.
      • "Power" (green) lights up when the device is powered/all clear.
  • USB Serial Interface / Telnet / SSH
    • Configure, control and monitor over the text-based menu system accessible via USB console port, Telnet, and SSH.
    • Access is controlled via username/password.
      • System stores encrypted login information.
    • Two user levels: user and administrator.
  • WAP Mobile Summary Page
    • View summary page on WAP 2.0 compatible devices (smartphones, PDAs, cell phones, etc.)
      • Supports Blackberry Software 4.2 and higher.
      • Supports iPhones using Safari 3.0 and higher.
      • Formerly Known as the ENVIROMUX-MINI-LXO

Question: A potential client seems to Prefered AKCP to Enviromux. After a brief talk, he wanted me to come up with reason why he should buy environmux and not AKCP. Can you help with some of the sailent points to convinced the client.I am a managing partners in Zoe Systems Royal Ltd.A young ICT service company that is keen to grow via a reliable solution like yours.Please kindly assist as this is very urgent. Thanks
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.

You may be better served by contacting NTI directly at http://www.networktechinc.com/contact.html.

Question: is it pissible to add a Heat /Smoke Sensor, Voltage Sensor, and GSM Modem?
Answer: Yes, this will support 2 temperature/humidity sensors. 5 digital inputs sensitive to contact closure. Two USB ports for connecting USB modem or for downloading log data to USB flash drive, and one USB console port for serial terminal interface.

ENVIROMUX-SDS-CEPA - Smoke Detection Sensor - CE
ENVIROMUX-SDS-PA - Smoke Detection Sensor - UL
ENVIROMUX-TRH-x (x stands for distance 3,7,10,25 (in feet)) - Temperature/Humidity Combination Sensor
ENVIROMUX-ACVD-515M - Standard US 120V 15A NEMA 5-15 plug
ENVIROMUX-ACVD-C14M: Universal 250V IEC C14 socket

Question: I'm from chile, make shipments to another country?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. You can find local distributors of NTI products at the following link: http://www.networktechinc.com/intldist.html.

Question: login credentials
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The default login info is as follows:
Username = root
Password = nti
(lower case letters only)