Gefen CAT5 5500 USB Dual KVM Extender



Replaced by: Gefen EXT-CAT5-5600A
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The Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 extends two analog monitors, a USB-based keyboard/mouse and audio signals hundreds of feet from the computer using CAT5 cables. The EXT-CAT5-5500 sends video, audio and control signals up to 450-feet from the computer. The EXT-CAT5-5500 uses three CAT 5 cables. This KVM extender has additional trim pods controls for brightness and focus for enhanced control of your video quality. Both are designed for those who prefer to operate a dual-display computer workstation in a stable, quiet and secure location far away from the computer.  It will work with all CRT and LCD computer monitors, USB keyboards/mice and audio devices (Mac or PC).

How the Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 works:

The EXT-CAT5-5500 uses a sender and receiver methodology to transmit signals from the computer to the workstation. The sender unit connects to the computer using the cables provided. The receiver unit connects to the two monitors, USB keyboard/mouse and audio devices up to 450-feet from the computer. Two CAT5 extension cables, sold separately, connect the sender to the receiver and thus the computer to the extended workstation. Both the sender and the receiver units must be connected to a power supply. When fully powered and operational, the units extend all signals efficiently and reliably

Gefen EXT-Cat5-5500 Backside

Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 Receiver & Sender Backside

Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 Features:

  • Saves space: no need to make room for large or small CPUs at the extended location when the CAT5-5500 provides convenient and flexible ways to isolate the CPU and extend a dual-display workstation
  • Increased productivity: a remote computer workstation allows computer data to be input and accessed on-site in real-time
  • Improved aesthetics: the CAT5-5500 eliminates computer noise where you work
  • Flexible functionality: both models maintain high resolution video, support two types of analog monitors (CRT and LCD), DDC control signals, USB and audio
  • High Performance Technology: both models use Extreme USB technology for USB extension, ensuring control signals operate optimally
  • Multimedia Enabled: audio is extended for multimedia applications
  • Ease of use: installs in seconds and are rack-mountable

Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 Package Includes:

  • Sender Unit
  • Receive Unit
  • Two 6ft VGA cable
  • One 6ft USB cable
  • One 6ft Audio cable
  • Two 5V Transformers
  • Rack Ears

Gefen EXT-CAT5-5500 Specifications:

Mechanical Sender Receiver
Height 1.75 in. (4.44 cm.) 1.75 in. (4.44 cm.)
Width 16 in. (40.64 cm.) 8 in. (20.32 cm.)
Depth 4 in. (10.16 cm.) 4 in. (10.16 cm.)
Shipping weight 8 lbs. (3.62 kg.)
Supply 5 VDC (External)
Consumption 15 Watts (max.)
Video In HD-15
Video out HD-15
Link Connector RJ-45
USB - "A" Connector USB Input
USB - "B" Connector USB Device Input
Video Amplifier Bandwidth 350 MHz
Actual Bandwidth 120 MHz
Input Video Signal 1.2 Volts p-p
Input Sync Signal 5 Volts p-p (TTL)
Frequency Range  
Horizontal Frequency Range 15-70 KHz
Vertical Frequency Range 30 - 170 Hz
Question: hi There, we got a cutsomer after this, and i just wondering if there's local distribution in NZ or Australia? thanks
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this particular model is discontinued.

To find potential replacements, there are a couple of Gefen distributors in NZ and Australia. You can locate them on the following page: