Gefen 2x1 Digital Audio switcher



Recommended replacement: Gefen GTV-DIGAUD-241
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Switch Between Two Digital Audio Sources and One Digital Audio Receiver or Amplifier

This simple to use  Gefen 2x1 Digital Audio switcher (EXT-DIGAUD-241) allows you to connect two digital audio sources to a digital audio receiver or amplifier with one input, making it a worthy addition to home theater, hi-fi system with multiple audio sources.

Both digital audio sources remain live all the time and you can switch between the two at will. Access is controlled with the unit's IR remote control or the manual selection button on the front panel. Downtime is nonexistent--the switch occurs instantaneously.

How it Works

Simply connect both sources to the Digital Audio Switcher's inputs, then connect the Digital Audio Switcher output to the receiver's output. Apply power by connecting the power supply and you're ready to switch.

Gefen 2x1 Digital Audio switcher (EXT-DIGAUD-241)

Gefen 2x1 Digital Audio switcher (Rear View)


  • Expands capacity - connects two digital audio sources to a receiver using one input
  • Supports two formats - S/PDIF and Optical
  • Installs in seconds - plug and play solution gets to work immediately
  • Saves time - eliminates the need to unplug and replug devices
  • Easy to operate - sources are selected remotely or manually


Input/OutputS/PDIF (Digital Coax), Optical TOSlink
S/PDIF (Digital Coax)96 kHz Performance
Power Consumption15 Watts (max.)
Power Supply 5V DC
Dimensions(4"in/101.6mm)W x (1.25"in/31.75mm)H x (3.25"in/82.55mm)D

Package Includes

Digital Audio Extender
RMT-2IR Remote Control
5VDC Power Supply
Two TOSLINK fiber optic cables
User's Manual