Gefen 2-Port DVI USB KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Gefen EXT-DVIKVM-241DL
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Now you can switch easily and reliably between any combination of two DVI and USB equipped computers (PC or Mac) - using only one keyboard, LCD monitor and mouse. The DVI Switcher saves space - there's no need to work on a desk crowded with double LCD monitors, keyboards and mouse devices. It saves time - there's no need to move from one monitor to another to access different computers. And, it saves money - there's no need to purchase additional LCD monitors, mouse devices, keyboards etc.

The DVI Switcher switches DVI video and USB, if you only require the switching of DVI video then please visit our HDTV switcher page.

Apple's ADC flat panel displays can be connected when used with the DVI to ADC Conversion Box.

This device is HDCP Pass-Through Compliant.

How it Works:
The DVI Switcher switches DVI, USB and audio between two computers located near each other. Simply plug your peripherals directly into the back of the Switcher, connect the cables to the computers you want to control, push to select the computer you want to work on, and you're switching. The DVI Switcher allows you to choose between a Macintosh or PC keyboard/video/mouse combination. Switching between computers is done from a key switch or remotely using contact closure remote control.

Gefen Dvi Switcher


  • Saves money on hardware costs
  • Saves space on your desktop
  • Saves time and increase your productivity
  • Maintains highest resolution video
  • No loss of quality
  • Use either PC or Mac with USB keyboard/mouse
  • Switches easily between any two DVI computers with USB and audio
  • Remote control (optional)
  • Supports ADC flat panel displays when used with the DVI to ADC Conversion Box
  • Rackmountable


  • Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 1.65 GHz
  • Single Link Range: 1920 x 1200
  • Vertical Frequency Range: 60 Hz
  • DVI Input/Output Connector: Type DVI-I, Supports Analog Signals
  • USB Input Connection: Type "B"
  • USB Output Connection: Type "A"
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts (max.)
  • Power Supply 12VAC
  • Dimensions: 8"W x 1.75"H x 4"D
  • Rackmountable: 1 Rack Space
  • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

Package Includes:

  • The DVI Switcher
  • One 12V Power Supply
  • Two 6ft DVI cables
  • Two 6ft USB cables
  • Two Audio cables
  • User's Manual