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The Gefen Firewire Extender (EXT-FW-1394B)  uses a sender and receiver system to instantly send your data from your source to your extended Firewire device. It boasts a remarkable transfer rate of up to 980 Mbps and easily bridges distances up to 1640 feet (500 meters). The Gefen Firewire Extender (EXT-FW-1394B)gives you the freedom to operate your computer based equipment and video cameras as if they were connected locally with no signal degradation or time lag.

How it Works

Simply connect your computer to the Firewire Extender 800 sender unit with the supplied cable. Connect your extended device to the receiver unit - up to 1640 feet away. One 2-strand LC-LC fiber optic cable, available in several lengths from Gefen, connect sender (computer) to receiver (Firewire device).


  • Allows remote devices to operate in real-time, connected to the source
  • Works with Apple and PC computers
  • Uses fiber optics to ensure long distance performance
  • Easy to install and operate


Box Dimensions 3.89" / .86" / 3.50" (W/H/D), 101mm / 24mm / 91mm (W/H/D)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C to 85°C
Humidity 5% to 95%
IEEE1394b-2002 compliant  
PDuplex LC type optical port supporting 62.5 µm, 50.0 µm Multi-mode Glass of Fiber
Laser Class 1 Eye Safety compliant: 850nm VCSEL
Data rates S100 (122.44 Mbps), S200 (245.76 Mbps), S400 (491.52 Mbps), S800 (983.04 Mbps)
Fully supports provisions of IEEE1394b-2002 (2 bilingual ports)  
Power supply DC12~16V (max.500mA)
Data rates S100 (98.304 Mbps), S200 (196.608 Mbps), S400 (393.216 Mbps) and S800 (983.04 Mbps)

Package Includes

Firewire Extender 800-S
Firewire Extender 800-R
One 12V Power Supply
Two 6ft 800 to 400 FireWire Cables
One 6ft 800 Cable