Gefen Remote Control for EXT-TV-MFS



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The Gefen EXT-RMT-MFS is a remote control unit that is used with the EXT-TV-MFS Multi Format Switcher. It allows you to select any of the ten input sources instantly.

How It Works
This IR remote control is easy to use. There are ten buttons on the remote, one for each input source. The input source names are printed in large and visible type on the selector buttons.
To use the IR remote, simply press the button corresponding to the input source that you wish to view. A blue LED will flash momentarily and the chosen source will appear on the attached to the output TV display.
Note: For instructions on changing the battery and other technical issues, please refer to the EXT-TV-MFS manual.

 Gefen EXT-RMT-MFS Backview
Gefen EXT-RMT-MFS Backview

Package Includes:

  • (1) EXT-RMT-MFS IR Remote Control for the TV Multi Format Switcher
  • (1) Pair of Batteries (one is for operation and the second is complimentary)

Gefen EXT-RMT-MFS Features:

  • Selects one of ten audio/video input sources with a single keypress
  • Compact, small and light unit fits in a pocket
  • Supports four different IR remote formats