Gefen Serial Extender


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Extends your RS-232 device up to 1000 feet away from your computer.

How it Works
The RS-232 Extender sender unit connects to your computer using the supplied cable. The extended RS-232 device connects to the receiver unit. CAT-5 cables connect the send and receive units - up to 1000 feet away. The sender is powered by a 5 volt power supply, which also powers the receiver side.


  • One CAT-5 cable extension
  • Installs in seconds


  • Conforms to RS-232C standard
  • Power Supply: 5 VDC (External)
  • Dimensions: 1"W x 4"D x 1"H
  • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

Package Includes:

  • RS232 Extender S Sender Unit
  • RS232 Extender R Receive Unit
  • 6 foot serial cable
  • 5V external power supply
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UPC 845344000015
EAN 0845344000015
Question: Can these connect to a keypad instead of a computer? Specifically the Kramer RC-78?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

These Gefen EXT-RS232 extenders are simple transparent signal amplifiers - the EXT-RS232 units will work with any standard full 9-pin (DB-9) RS-232 cable with a maximum data transfer rate of 115,200 baud.