Belkin OmniView MATRIX Series Cables



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Belkin OmniView MATRIX Series Cables (F1D9301b15) provide maximum connectivity between your USB servers and OmniView MATRIX2 KVM Switches. Coaxial video cabling preserves video strength and clarity at higher resolution. Our advanced micro-cable construction delivers optimum data transfers through a durable, thin cable that manages easily.

The OmniView All-In-One KVM Cable for MATRIX2 Series, 4.5m., USB (F1D9301b15) works with the OmniView MATRIX2 Series KVM Switches.


  • Advanced, micro-cable construction for hassle-free cable management
  • All-In-One molded design for cable management
  • 14-pin coaxial VGA cabling to support high resolution applications
  • Belkin Lifetime Warranty
  • Features
  • Nickel-plated connectors
  • Gray PVC Flextec jacket
  • Package includes one all-in-one cable with one USB connector, one HDDB15 connector, and one DB25 connector
  • Also available in PS/2-style