Belkin Remote IP Console



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Remote IP Console

The Belkin ENTERPRISE Quad-Bus Series Remote IP Console (the RIPC) allows users to remotely access a server or multiple servers connected to a KVM switch over a TCP/IP network. From virtually anywhere in the world, an administrator can reset hardware, access BIOS, and reset power. Easily accessible through a standard web browser, the RIPC does not require software at the remote site.

Unlike other KVM-over-IP solutions, the RIPC is compatible with power switches and sets up simply. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized access and is flash-upgradeable to keep current with the most recent servers and devices. Designed to take up 0U space in your rack, the Console is a compact solution that includes cabling to save you even more time and money. With its advanced features and functionality, this powerful, easy-to-install and -use remote solution from the industry leader surpasses all others.


  • Works with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
  • Flash-upgrades firmware for current functionality
  • Features 128-bit SSL encrypted security
  • Requires no software or licensing
  • Works with both KVM and power switches
  • Offers friendly user interface
  • Positions easily on desktop or 0U rack-mount
  • Provides user-defined hot keys
  • Requires no special cables
  • Supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse
  • Provides VGA video emulation (even with power off)
  • Powers on/off remotely or through server-reset capability
  • Enables direct KVM access to your server through one local port
  • Supports two serial devices