Belkin SVGA Monitor Extension Cable, 10 ft.



Replaced by: NTI VEXT-F-10
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The Belkin SVGA Monitor Extension Cable (F3H981-10) ensures faster data flow between your high-resolution monitor and your PC. Engineered to deliver crystal-clear transmission of your images, the F3H981-10 extends the length of your existing HDDB15-connector cable with a durable, high-quality solution.

Belkin F3H981-10 Advantage:

  • Minimizes noise and other interference with construction of 3 coaxial and 4 twisted-pair wires
  • Maximizes color and imaging with 3 coaxial conductors for the RGB signal
  • Supports high-resolution imaging and high-speed transmissions
  • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty
  • Helps meet FCC requirements on electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) with aluminum undermold shield
  • Features double-shielding to ensure compliance with FCC requirements
  • Provides maximum conductivity with no data loss using gold-plated copper contacts
  • Ensures a lifetime of error-free data transmission with molded-strain relief and PVC overmolding
  • Maintains optimal video-signal integrity with three 75-Ohm coaxial lines