Gefen 3GSDI Audio Embedder



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The GefenPRO GEF-SDI-AUDE 3GSDI Audio Embedder allows up to four AES/EBU digital audio streams to be embedded into an SDI, EDSDI, HDSDI, or 3GSDI signal. Selection and routing of each audio group / pair can be configured via RS-232. SDI video is integrated with different audio sources (e.g. DAT players, microphones, etc.) to create a single SDI audio/video stream.

How It Works:

Connect an SDI source to the SDI input BNC connector. Connect the SDI Loop Out BNC connector to a display for monitoring the unprocessed signal. Connect the Output BNC connector to an SDI + AES/EBU acceptor (such as video broadcast equipment). Connect up to four AES/EBU digital audio sources (such as DAT-Players) to the Audio In BNC connectors. Connect an RS-232 cable from the Audio Embedder to a PC or home automation system. Connect the AC power cord to the Audio Embedder and power on the unit. RS-232 commands can be sent from the PC or automation system to select the audio group and pair to be embedded into the video signal.

Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Back View
Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Rear View

Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Features and Benefits:

  • Supported Standards:
    • SDSDI(SMPTE 259M)
    • EDSDI(SMPTE 344M) - Single-Link HDSDI(SMPTE 292M)
    • 3GSDI(SMPTE 424M)
  • Supported Resolutions:
    • 525i / 720p / 1080i @ 59.94Hz
    • 1080p @ 23.98Hz - 625i / 720p / 1080i @ 50Hz
    • 1080p @ 24Hz
    • 1080i / 720p @ 60Hz
    • 1080p @ 60Hz
    • 2K
  • Allows different audio streams to be re-assigned on the input side
  • Audio delay adjustment for each pair of audio outputs (0 - 150 ms)
  • 3GSDI detection
  • Built-in pattern generator
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Standby Mode
  • RS-232 port for automation
  • USB port for upgrading firmware
  • Internal power supply with detachable IEC AC cord
  • Back panel master power switch
  • Rack mountable (rack ears included)

Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Diagram
Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Audio Embedder Diagram

Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Package Contents:

  • 1 GEF-SDI-AUDE 3GSDI Audio Embedder
  • 1 6 ft. DB-9 Cable
  • 1 AC Power Cord
  • 1 Set of Rack Ears
  • 1 Quick-Start Guide

Gefen GEF-SDI-AUDE Specifications:

Width 16.8 in. (428 mm.)
Height1.75 in. (44.5 mm.)
Depth7 in. (178 mm.)
Ship Weight6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
Power Supply100 - 240V AC (Internal)
Power Consumption30 W (max.)
SDI Input1 x BNC, female
SDI Loop Out1 x BNC, female
SDI Output1 x BNC, female
Digital Audio Input4 x BNC, female
RS-232 1 x DB-9, female
AC Power1 x IEC type
Power Indicator1 x LED, blue
SG-SDI Indicator1 x LED, blue
Audio Indicator1 x LED, blue
Video Indicator1 x LED, bi-color (red/green)
Supported FormatsSDI (SMPTE 259M);
Single-Link HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M);