Gefen CI Digital Audio Translator


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The Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 is the GefenTV Digital Audio Translator which is a compact and convenient coaxial/TOSLINK audio converter that accepts an audio signal input through either coaxial (S/PDIF) or optical (TOSLINK) cable. Both outputs pass simultaneously. The GefenTV Digital Audio Translator can also act as an audio repeater unit, effectively doubling the digital audio distance. The input can be switched from S/PDIF to TOSLINK using the slide switch on the input side.

How It Works
Connect a digital audio source to the input on the device (TOSLINK or Coax.) Take a lead from either or both output ports to audio equipment (such as an amplifier) using coaxial or TOSLINK (fiber) cable. Power the unit with the 5VDC power supply included. When power is applied, the red power LED will light up.

Note: Input can be switched from coaxial to TOSLINK using the selector switch on the side of the unit.

Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Backview
 Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Backview

Package Includes:

  • (1) GTV-DIGAUDT-141
  • (1) 5V DC Power Supply 500mA
  • (1) Users Manual
  • (1) Coaxial RCA jack input
  • (1) TOSLINK (fiber optical) input
  • (1) Coaxial RCA jack output
  • (1) TOSLINK (fiber optical) output

Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Features:

  • Compact size and easy to install
  • Supports amplification of audio signal and extends distance for both output formats
  • Supports two-way conversion: Coaxial to TOSLINK, or TOSLINK to Coaxial
  • Supports input audio signal from two channels up to 5.1 channels.
  • Select one input and send audio to both coax and TOSLINK outputs simultaneously

Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Application Diagram

Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Application Diagram

 Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Specifications:

Length 1.59 in. (4.0 cm.)
Height 0.87 in. (2.2 cm.)
Width 1.65 in. (4.2 cm.)
Weight 2 lbs. (0.9 kg.)
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UPC 845344097404
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