GEFENTV Home Theater Scaler Pro



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The Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO is a GefenTV Scaler Pro which enables scaling, source switching and advanced enhancement of SD/HD Component and HDMI source content at resolutions of up to 1080p in full HD, with advanced and versatile audio/video signal processing abilities. Step up to the top-of-the-line Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor, providing true 12-bit color/10-bit processing with adaptive scaling, cadence detection, de-interlacing, noise reduction and improved images for projectors thanks to eWARP2 Geometry Processing. Enhance and scale AV content from such devices as set-top boxes, DVD players and gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

The GefenTV Scaler Pro supports one component source with analog audio, one composite or S-video source with analog audio, and two HDMI sources with embedded or external digital audio. The analog audio from the analog sources is digitized and output to the HDMI connection as well as the digital audio outputs. In addition to this, the HDMI inputs have separate digital audio inputs. So you can use DVI sources and separate digital audio, and the GefenTV Scaler Pro will embed the digital audio into the HDMI output as well as into the digital audio outputs.

How It Works
Connect AV source(s) to the GefenTV Scaler Pro with an appropriate kind of input cable(s) for the source(s). Connect a display or projector to the GefenTV Scaler Pro's HDMI output connection. Plug in the power supply to the GefenTV Scaler Pro, and a beautiful HD picture will appear on the HD display. Easy-to-use on-screen menus, accessible using the IR remote control, allow for effortless setup and image adjustment to accommodate different viewing modes and screen sizes.

Note: The GefenTV Scaler Pro supports these HDMI 1.3 features:

  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio
  • 12-bit color support / 10-bit color processing
  • HDMI 1.3 Rx and Tx with Deep Color and xvYCC color gamut support
  • XV Color Space support
  • CEC Source Switching
  • lip-Sync

The GefenTV Scaler Pro can accept DVI video as input with an optional adapter cable, shown at the immediate left under Optional Accessories.

Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Backview
 Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Backview

Package Includes:

  • (1) GefenTV Scaler Pro
  • (1) 6-foot HDMI cable (M-M)
  • (1) IR remote
  • (1) 5V 4A Power Supply
  • (1) User's manual

Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Features:

  • True 10-bit processing and 12-bit color support
  • SQ/HD HQV four-field de-interlacing
  • HQV multi-directional diagonal filtering
  • HQV 4D per pixel motion adaptive noise reduction
  • HQV detail enhancement and adaptive scaling
  • HQV cadence detection: 3:2, 2:2, 3:2:3:2:2, 5:5, 6:4, 8:7
  • HQV per-pixel video/film cadence detection
  • eWARP2 Geometry Processing for use with projectors
  • Full HDMI 8-channel delay to match video processing
  • Supports HDMI 1.3 CEC source switching, lip sync
  • Supports HDMI 1.3 XV Color Space

Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Application Diagram

Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Application Diagram

 Gefen GTV-HTS-PRO Specifications:

Weight 8 lbs. (3.6 kgs.)
Digital Video Amplifier Bandwidth 225 MHz
Input DDC Signal 5 Volts DC p-p (TTL
Input Video Signal 1.2 Volts p-p
Single-Link Range 1080p/1920x1200
Digital Video Connectors 3 of HDMI type A, 19-pin female
Digital Audio Connectors 3 of S/PDIF, 3 of TOSLink
Analog Video Connectors 1 CS/SV/component
Analog Audio Connectors 3 L/R RCA component/1 mini-jack
Power Supply 5 Volt DC
Power Consumption 20 Watts (maximum)