SmartAVI HDR 4X4 HDMI Router



Recommended replacement: Gefen EXT-HD-SL-444
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The SmartAVI HDR4x4 is a 4x4 HDMI Router which switches multiple resolutions up to 1080p and digital audio from any four HDMI sources to four HD displays.  The HDR4x4 can be used anywhere high-definition video applications are used. You will find HDR4x4 in Digital Signage, Commercial installations and in home theaters.

SmartAVI HDR4x4 Features:

  • 4x4 non-blocking, single-link HDMI matrix switch
  • Switch offer any inputs and any outputs for HDMI sources
  • Distributes any of the four inputs to any or any combination of the four HDMI output displays
  • Maintains high resolution video up to 1080p
  • Supports IR remote
  • Serial RS-232 remote port
  • Individual push button for switching HDMI source to each display
  • Comes with easy to use SmartControl software
  • HDMI 1.3 compatible
  • HDCP compliant

SmartAVI HDR4x4 HDMI Router Application Diagram
SmartAVI HDR4x4 HDMI Router Application Diagram

Package Includes:

  • HDR4X4

  • PS5VD3A

SmartAVI HDR4x4 Specifications:

Height 1.1 in. (27 mm.)
Width 7.1 in. (180 mm.)
Depth 2.8 in. (71 mm.)
Weight 4.05 lbs. (1.84 kg.)
Requirements 5V DC
Connector 2.1mm DC jack (center +ve)
Video Amplifier Bandwidth 1.65 Gbps
Input Video Signal 1.2 volts
Input DDC Signal 5 volts
Single Link Range 1080p
HDMI Connector HDMI Type A 19 pin female
Direct 2 front panel buttons
IR 3.5mm connector with 38khz
DB9 Female RS232 or RS422 @ 9600bps