KVM Switches Online International Partners

International KVM Switch & Server Rack Sales

KVM Switches Online is one of the largest Ecommerce providers of KVM Switch products in the USA.  Though our KVM Switches Online web site provides a wealth of information on most major KVM products and manufacturers, our main focus is geared to providing data center and server farm managers with KVM Switch Solutions and Server Rack Solutions in North America. 

International Sales Policies

Please note: Currently we do not consult on data center design, racks, power or cooling internationally. However if there is a contact person here in the US that we can work with directly regarding your project, please let us know.

We are able to sell certain manufacturers products internationally (including: NTI, Austin Hughes, and Raloy), but we do have certain policies we follow:

  • Minimum order amount - There is a $1,000 minimum order requirement for all international orders*.
    • *Raloy products do not require a minimum order amount.
  • Payment method - Wire Transfer, or Credit Card (only if billing address is within the United States)
  • Ship Via - Customers shipping account is required for all international orders.
  • Lead time and availability - Please note that there can be up to an additional 1-2 week lead time for international orders to ship.
  • Tax, tariffs, duties and customs - The customer is responsible for all costs relating to the tax, tariffs and duties due on the order, as well as management and resolution of any issues regarding customs.
  • Returns - KVM Switches Online is unable to accept any returns for international orders.
  • Technical Assistance - For technical issues associated with an online order the manufacturer will need to be contacted directly by the customer.

**KVM Switches Online is temporarily unable to accept International Orders online.  Please send a detailed email to sales@kvm-switches-online.com to place your order.**

Orders for Canada and Mexico

For Canada and Mexico purchasing options, please review the policies above and reach out to your KVM Switches Online Sales rep at: Sales@KVM-Switches-Online.com.


To Find Local Resellers

United Kingdom


 Daxten is a leading vendor and value add distributor for connectivity solutions, KVM switches, extenders, monitor splitters, LCD drawers, serial console servers and cooling optimization for name brand manufacturers. Daxten has offices throughout Europe.

 Leunig was established in 1980 and is a technology leader for PC interfaces and data transfer.  Leunig features KVM products from Raritan, Blackbox, Scene Double and Adder


 YS Solutions Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of KVM Switching solutions focusing on corporate users and IT professionals.  YS Solutions features KVM products from Raritan Computer.

International Customers:
If you are an international customer and your country is not shown on our international partner list, please view this list of select manufacturer websites to find a local partner in your area: