Dataprobe Remote Controlled Power Strip



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These Remote Controlled Power Strips (iP-410-M) allow web browser control of eight A/C power outlets. These units (iP-410-M) directly connect to 10baseT ethernet and are IP addressable. Each outlet can be independently turned on, off or cycled for power-on reset (re-boot). 4 outlet models can be easily expanded to eight outlets. Find out more about expansion. These units use International standard IEC320 power input and output connectors.

Dataprobe iP-410-M Operation
The Dataprobe iP-410-M are controlled using a web browser. Once a connection is established and a security login is approved, each of the outlets can be controlled by clicking on the appropriate hotlinks. Toggle and Timed ;Cycle functions are provided. The status of each outlet is clearly displayed.  The Dataprobe iP-410-M unit can also be controlled from a Telnet client using menu selections.

Dataprobe iP-410-M Features and Benefits:

  • Indicator lamps display status of each outlet
  • User defined names for each outlet
  • Serial Port for Out-of-Band Backup Access
  • Internal Modem Option
  • Switchable 110-125VAC or 210-240 VAC

Dataprobe iP-410-M Specifications:   

Dimensions 1.75" H x 19.0" W x 8.75" D
Enclosure material EIA rack mount metal enclosure
Total max. current rating 10 Amps (for all connected devices)
A/C Input  IEC 320 Male Connector - Switch selectable input voltage 110-125VAC or 210-240 VAC
Ports & Outlets  
Control Port 10base-T Ethernet
Switched Outlets  EIC 320 Female. 10 Amps max. per receptacle