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Dataprobe iP-815-M Web/Telnet controlled 8-Outlet Power Strip
These Remote Controlled Power Strips (iP-815-M) allow web browser control of eight A/C power outlets. These units connect directly to 10baseT Ethernet and are IP addressable. Each outlet can be independently turned on, off or cycled for power-on reset (re-boot). 4 outlet models can be easily expanded to eight outlets. These Dataprobe iP-815-M units use standard NEMA 5-15 North American Line cord and Outlets.

Dataprobe iP815 Operation
The Dataprobe iP-815-M are controlled from a web browser. Once a connection is established and a security login is approved, each of the outlets can be controlled by clicking on the appropriate hotlinks. Toggle and Timed Cycle functions are provided. The status of each outlet is clearly displayed. The Dataprobe iP-815-M unit can also be controlled from a Telnet client using menu selections.

Dataprobe ip415 & ip815 Remote Reboot Screen Shot
Dataprobe iP-815-M Web Browser Diagram

Dataprobe iP-815-M Remote Reboot Features:

  • Indicator lamps display status of each outlet
  • User defined names for each outlet
  • Serial Port for Out-of-Band Backup Access
  • Internal Modem Option

Dataprobe iP-815-M Remote Reboot Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (4.45 cm.)
Width 19 in. (48.26 cm.)
Depth 8.75 in. (22.23 cm.)
A/C Input
15 Amp Models: NEMA 5-15 plug, Six foot line cord 14/3
20 Amp Models: NEMA N5-20 plug, Six foot line cord 12/3
Control Port
10base-T Ethernet, D9 Serial or RJ11 Line with Modem Option
Switched Outlets  
Standard 3 prong NEMA 5-15 connection. 12 Amps max. per receptacle
TOTAL Max. Current Rating For All Connected Devices
15 Amps for iP-815-M and iP-415, 20 Amps for iP-820 and iP-420