Raritan 4-port KVM Switch with redundant power and built-in modem



Recommended replacement: Raritan Dominon DKSX2-144
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The Raritan IPR-TR364 IP-Reach TR Series is a carrier-grade solution with redundant hardware and power, failover Ethernet and integrated modem.
With IP-Reach, multiple remote users can get secure BIOS-level access to enable management of mission-critical servers. IP-Reach is an ideal complement to any KVM switch. It uses a unique video compression algorithm that minimizes network band-width consumption. IP-Reach offers high-quality video using Raritan's powerful frame-grabber technology.
With IP-Reach, authorized users gain direct access and total control of servers and other IT devices for maintenance, administration, troubleshooting and even rebooting.

Raritan IPR-TR364 Features:

  • Up to 4 IP access ports for KVM switches or servers, and up to 4 direct analog access ports.

  • Web-based KVM access via Internet, LAN/WAN, or dial-up modem.

  • Web-based serial console access.

  • Web-based administration of IP-Reach settings.

  • DHCP or fixed IP addressing.

  • Redundant power supplies and failover Ethernet.

  • SNMP enabled.

  • Keyboard macro mapping.

  • No impact on performance of target servers.

  • Firmware upgradeable over network.

  • SSL 128-bit RSA public key, 128-bit private key encryption.

  • Raritan user authentication with optional RADIUS support.

  • Uses only one open network port to preserve strict firewall settings.

  • Customizable user profiles for multi-level security.

  • Private security key and IP filtering.

  • User event logging.

  • Option to deactivate modem and/or browser access.

  • Automatic logout of idle users.

IPR-TR364 Specifications  
Dimensions: 19"Wx21.25"Dx3.5"H
Weight 29.5lbs
Power Redundant Power 100V-120V/8.0A or 200V/4.0V
KVM Ports 4-port DB25 female for server (s) or KVM switch(es)
User Ports DB25 male for user console. Direct analog access

IP-Reach Admin Port:

PS/2 keyboard - mini-DIN 6 pin (F)
VGA Monitor - HD15 (F)



Remote Connection

10BASE - T, 100BASE - TX Ethernet


56K V.90-RJ11 port



Screen Resolutions


  PC text mode 720x400


PC graphic modes: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864

  Sun video modes: 1024x768, 1152x900, 1280x1024