SmartAVI 4-Port Secure KM Switch with CAC Support



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The K304E-SH provides users with a secure solution to switching Keyboard and Mouse (KM) control of four computers that each use multiple displays. With support of up to 16 total displays, users can create the ultimate in secure KM management. This is a superior solution to operating a KVM environment of connected computers with multiple displays. Users can simply connect the monitors directly to the computers and use the K304E-SH to switch between computers for secure KM operation. Additionally, device's administrator mode provides many customized settings from display arrangement, size to cursor speed and acceleration. audio output can also be configured to follow the cursor or can be set by the user to any channel.

  • Validated to EAL 4+ security standards
  • Complies with Common Criteria Protection Profile 2.1
  • Manage four connected computers in isolation
  • Unidirectional data paths
  • Virtual Display Technology for automatic switching
  • Independent audio switching
  • Dedicated processors for emulation
  • USB port protection
  • CAC Port

SmartAVI K304E-SH System typical application diagram
K304E-SH Typical Installation with Four Single Monitor Computers and CAC Reader

Secure Keyboard & Mouse Switch

  • Government Operations
  • Defense Applications
  • Security Control Rooms
  • Corporate Communications
  • Server Operations
  • Medical Campuses
  • Airports

A secure keyboard and mouse switch is a device that is specifically designed to enable isolation between connected computers. Computers are typically connected to different networks and isolation between these networks must be assured to prevent data leakages and intrusions. Secure KM switches rely on physics (optical diodes) to prevent data leakages between coupled networks. Secure KM switches do not require any cables between computers any shared bus or network or any installed software.

The K304E-SH offers impressive levels of communications even when connecting computers that are on different levels of security clearance and Internet access. The K304E-SH utilizes unidirectional optical data-diodes which insulates all connections from any possible points of data leakage among peripherals. Every K304E-SH secure KM switch is rigorously and extensively tested to ensure it will remain stalwart against any known form of KM and KVM security attacks. The K304E-SH is specifically designed - and has been used - for national security applications. The unit has been certified to meet EAL 4+ standards to assure it provides the highest level of security possible. After manufacturing, each unit is provided with a special holographic tampering-evident label to ensure the device has not been tampered with.

Virtual Display Technology

SmartAVI K304E-SH System VDT application diagram
K304E-SH Virtual Display Technology with Four Single Monitor Computers

Virtual Display Technology (VDT) is a cornerstone of the K304E-SH's functionality. VDT enables seamless cursor and keyboard switching between multiple computers by simply moving the cursor to that computers display(s). VDT allows administrators to configure any desired displays configuration with same or different size and resolution. The KM switch occurs instantaneously.

Height 2.0 in. (50 mm.)
Width 12.6 in. (320 mm.)
Depth5.3 in. (135 mm.)
Weight3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg.)
Shipping Weight4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg.)
Power InputAC input 90-240V, 0.2A max at 110VAC, IEC-3 jack
Operating Temperature32 - 104°F (0 - 40 °C)
Storage Temperature-4 - 140 °F (-20 -60 °C)
Relative HumidityUp to 90%
CPU Ports(4) USB Type-B for keyboard and mouse
(4) USB Type-B connector for CAC
(1) RDC Port to connect HSL Remote Desktop Controller (RJ-45)
User Control Interface(4) USB Type-A for keyboard and mouse connection
(4) PS2 for keyboard and mouse connection
(1) USB Type-A for CAC device
Front PanelTactile switch
Chanel SwitchingHot Key + Virtual Desktop Technology (VDT) – KM operation will switch to current cursor location
MouseUser may set mouse speed, acceleration other cursor behaviors
ApprovalsUL/cUL60950, EN60 950 EMI/EMC: FCC Class B,
CE Mark, EN55022B, VCCI
Securtiy AccreditationsEAL 4+ certified, complies withNIAP Peripheral Sharing Switch (PSS) For Human Interface Devices Ver 2.1
Peripheral SecurityUSB supports only keyboard and mouse through host emulation.
Data-diode assures USB unidirectional flow from devices to host Firmware change can not cause leakage between channels or data export.