ATEN Daisy chain cable for KM0432



Recommended replacement: ATEN MasterView Pro 1000 Series Daisy Chain Cable
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ATEN KC1804 Daisy chain cable for KM0432
The ATEN daisy chain cable (KC1804) for KM0432 & KM0216 allows you to double the amount of computers you can manage from the master switch. If you're setting up a data center you can daisy chain up to 64 KM0432's to manage up to 2048 computers.

ATEN KC1804 Package Content:

  • 1 - 12 foot Daisy chain cable for the KM0432

ATEN KC1804 Specifications:

Width 12.0 in. (30.5 cm)
Height 9.2 in. (23.4 cm)
Length 18.4 in. (46.7 cm)
Case Qty. 10
Package Wt. 1.4 lb. (0.6 kg)
Case Wt. 13.8 lb. (6.2 kg)