Addlogix PowerReach SonicFlash 2-Port KVM w/Audio



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Addlogix PowerReach SonicFlash 2-Port KVM w/Audio (KVM-201FMA)
Addlogix Power Reach SonicFlash KVM-AUD (KVM-201FMA) is designed for the one-stop SOHO KVM shopper. Bundled with 6' KVM cables, the SonicFlash (KVM-201FMA) provides the complete solution to share one set of keyboard, video, mouse, and audio equipment, between 2 to 4 computers. Addlogix SonicFlash (KVM-201FMA) provides audio speakers and microphone support, necessary for movies, teleconferencing, gaming and more.

Addlogix SonicFlash (KVM-201FMA) also offers the best PS/2 mouse compatibility in any PS/2 KVM. Unique sensing technologies ensures the latest multifunctional PS/2 mouse will works as if connected directed to the computer, even when it is connected through the KVM. Don't sacrifice functional mouse features for the convenience of the KVM, enjoy the extra features on the latest PS/2 mouse. Addlogix SonicFlash (KVM-201FMA) features patented technology of updating KVM firmware, without the hassles of connecting a separate serial data cable.

Addlogix SonicFlash (KVM-201FMA) Features and Benefits:

  • Supports 100% functional features of any PS/2 mouse (wheels, function keys, and sensors)
  • Firmware upgrade through existing PS/2 keyboard connection, no additional serial/data connection required
  • Controls up to four PCs with one console, including keyboard, mouse, monitor, stereo speakers and microphone
  • Change port with convenient Hot-Key and Push-Button switching via PS/2 keyboard
  • Supports video resolution up to 2048 x 1536, 400MHz bandwidth for each video display; DDC compliant
  • Auto scanning
  • 6' KVM cables included for each SYSTEM port