Addlogix Power Reach 4-Port KVM Switch



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Addlogix Manufacturing Group is proud to introduce the new Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers. Available in 4, 8 and 16 ports, the Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers offer unsurpassed advanced features at an affordable price.

Password protection blocks unauthorized access to connected computers. Built-in mouse conversion allows one PS/2 mouse to control ALL connected PCs (even those with serial mice), Sun computers and Macs*. The keyboard status is restored when switching PCs. Newly redesigned OSD offers detailed menu system. Three large 7-segment LED displays on the front provide easy status monitoring, as well as large push buttons for easy access. The newly revised daisy-chain technology** allows up to 128 computers (16-port model) to be connected in one chain with minimal video degradation. The Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers support ultra-high video resolution of up to 1920 x 1440 and is hot pluggable, one can add or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM switch. Instead of offering a few limited time-out settings to choose from in the auto-scanning mode, the newly revised version provides users a customizable time-out range for maximum flexibility. The Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers support naming function, where users can customize individual names for each computer for easy identification. The best new feature of the Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers is its ability to search for computer names in the KVM chain via its OSD. This makes finding computers easy!

Each Reach ELITE KVM Controller comes with a 3' daisy-chain cable, rack-mount kit, AC adapter, and user's manual.

* The Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers support computers with AT keyboard via optional AT to PS/2 keyboard adapter. Mac and SUN computers are supported via optional adapters: (P/N: USB-2PS2) for USB-based Macs, (P/N: KVM-PS2-MAC) for ADB-based Macs, (P/N: KVM-PS2-SUN) for SUN computers, one adapter per computer.

** The Power Reach ELITE KVM Controllers are not daisy-chain compatible with the Power Reach KVM Controllers.


  • Silver metal enclosure, rack-mountable (kit included)
  • Daisy-chainable up to 128 computers (16-port) with dedicated daisy-chain port
  • Built-in advanced On-Screen Display (OSD)
  • Password protection
  • User adjustable auto-scan & OSD time-out (5 - 99 seconds)
  • User customizable computer naming feature
  • Advanced On-Screen computer search function
  • USB to PS/2 Adapters included to support USB systems
  • Built-in serial mouse conversion for AT systems
  • 1920 x 1440 ultra high video resolution and DDC support
  • Hot-Pluggable to add or remove computers
  • Saves money and space by avoiding the need for extra peripherals (monitors, keyboards and mice)
  • Plug and Play- no driver software
  • Standard PC'99 color-coded connectors, no need to buy expensive, proprietary cables
  • Supports Macintosh and SUN computers via optional adapters
  • Supports the New 5-button Microsoft IntelliMouse and trackball series