Addlogix 1U Rackmount Dual USB-PS/2 8 Port KVM Switch w/ OSD



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The Addlogix PowerReach Elite HD, KVM-801PREU-OSD, is a 1U rackmount, 8 port, dual USB-PS/2 KVM switch which is designed for computer/server management on a centralized single admin desk in corporate, factory as well as in campus computing environment.  This 8-port KVM switch provides the OSD Menu for intuitive KVM switching. Its daisy-chained feature allows server expansion to the hundreds.  The enhanced hot-plugging capability allows the administrator to plug and to unplug cablings in and out of the KVM switch without powering down the connected servers. Dual USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side offers maximum convenience in a computing environment that accommodates both newer USB-enabled computers and older computers with only PS/2 interfaces.

PowerReach 8-port USB-PS/2 KVM Switch Features:

  • 8-port 19" Cascade-Ready Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM switch with OSD
  • Daisy-chainable up to 8 levels
  • USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side
  • Support Microsoft IntelliMouse, IntelliMouse Explorer, Logitech NetMouse and other compatibles
  • Direct channel selection and operation using front-panel push buttons and keyboard hotkeys
  • Support for DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux and Netware
  • Dual numerical LED displays and LED indicators for easy bank/port status monitoring
  • Hot-plugging PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM Switch or PCs
  • Enhanced PS/2 mouse reset hotkeys for non-PnP OS such as Win NT 4.0 and Linux
  • LED indicators for easy port status monitoring
  • Plug-and-play for PnP OS, no Windows driver software needed for
  • Buzzer sound for hotkey and port switching confirmation
  • Autoscan mode for quick browsing of all connected computers
  • Search PC by name
  • Password protection
  • High VGA resolution 1920 x 1440
  • 19" rack mount design with metal enclosure for best shielding and protection

Addlogix KVM-801PREU-OSD Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (4.45 cm.)
Width 6.5 in. (16.5 mm.)
Depth 16 in. (41 cm.)
Weight 2 lbs. (0.9 kg.)
Rackmount Space 1U
Housing Metal enclosure
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Type PS/2 and USB interface power
Adapter (Optional) DC 9V 1A
PC 8
Console 1
Daisy-chain Port 1
Daisy-chain Level 8
Max. PC Connection 120PCs (1 x KVM-801PREU-OSD +
7 x KVM-1601PREU-OSD)
PC Port Connectors 8 x HD15
(VGA & integrated USB & PS/2)
Console Port Connectors 2 x USB Type A
1x PS/2 kbd 6-pin Mini Din F
1x PS/2 Mouse 6-pin Mini Din F
1 x VGA HDB 15 pin F
On Screen Display Yes
PC Selection Hotkeys/Push Buttons/OSD
PC Port LED 16
Scan Delay Time 5~99 sec. (Programmable)
Keyboard/Mouse Emulation USB and PS/2
VGA Resolution 1920 x 1440