Linksys ProConnect Integrated 2-Port KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Belkin F1DG102P
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The Linksys ProConnect Integrated KVM 2-Port Switch lets you take instant command over two PCs - all from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor! For your convenience, it even comes with built-in cables to meet all your connection needs. Switch between PCs with a quick, two-key action, or use the automatic scan feature to easily monitor both computers.

The KVM Switch eliminates those pesky, cableswapping duties while saving you desktop space and hardware costs. Because it doesn't use software, the KVM Switch is compatible with all major desktop and notebook computers. It's the perfect choice for the home, office, or anywhere else you work with two PCs at the same time.

  • Easily Control Two PCs from a Single Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor
  • Toggle between PCs with Quick, Hot Key Combinations
  • Convenient Built-in Cables for a User-Friendly, All-in-One Design
  • Save Desktop Space, Energy, and Hardware Costs
Question: Product:Cisco -Linksys KVM2KIT ProConnect Integrated KVM 2-Port Switch KVM Switch.Problem:uncontrolled dpi-switches between 1680x1050dpi (Win7 pref) and 1600x1200 (WinXP pref);monitor is connected via KVM-switch to 2 PC's.-10 years no problem with same OS (Win2000;WinXP) on both PC's.- 2 month dpi instability with different OS (WinXP on PC1;Win7 on PC2)
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Due to the varied nature of individual environments, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ. We suggest contacting the manufacturer directly for product support.

One area to look at would be issues caused by the way Windows 7 uses EDID (Extended display identification data). It may not be passing through the KVM properly for Windows 7.

Answer: This 2-port KVM uses "hot key" switching (keyboard shortcuts). To switch between the "targets" tap the [Scroll Lock] key twice in rapid succession.

Question: Will KVM2Kit work with Wide Screen and Non-Wide Screen connected Monitors
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The only resolution specifications we can find for this discontinued KVM state the unit will support resolutions up to 1920 x 1440, which is a non-wide screen resolution.

It is however, a simple pass-through type device, so should accommodate widescreen resolutions up to the specified max. That being said, without confirmation from the manufacturer, we could not guarantee widescreen support for this legacy device.