USB Laptop Console Crash Cart Adapter


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Black Box KVT100A

No KVM console in your server room? No problem. Plug a laptop into the server for quick BIOS-level control.

KVT100A Features

  • Fast, easy way to log in to a server or computer
  • Troubleshoot or service a system after a crash
  • Handheld adapter plugs into the server on one end and your laptop on the other
  • No drivers to install on the target computer
  • Includes software for viewing server video on your laptop, without having to reboot or change the server in any way
  • Scale the video window as needed and even take a screen snapshot
  • Works with Windows and Mac OSx laptops

Remedying a server problem in a room without a local user console used to mean wheeling in the "crash cart" a rolling cart loaded with a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and a bunch of connecting cables for on-the-spot computer access.

But with the USB Laptop Console Crash Cart Adapter with integrated cabling, you have a compact and easier way to get immediate, BIOS-level access to your server.

Despite its name, there's no actual "cart" involved. In this case, the cart is the laptop that you carry to the server and, using the adapter, plug in to obtain quick server access.

Connect to the video port of any server in trouble to perform an emergency system recovery, carry out routine system maintenance, or do whatever server task you like - just as if you had a full KVM console with a VGA monitor connected to the server itself.

How it Works

Emulating a USB keyboard and mouse, the USB Laptop Console Crash Cart Adapter and its software enable you to interact with the target server as a window on your laptop.

For server connections, the adapter has built-in VGA video and USB keyboard/mouse connectors. On the laptop side, it features a high-speed (480-Mbps) USB Mini Type B connector with a detachable USB cable for server-to-laptop links. For older PS/2 style keyboards (the adapter doesn't support PS/2 mice), there's a passive PS/2 to USB adapter included.

The fully hot-pluggable adapter requires no external power (it gets it all from the connected system or laptop) making it truly portable and easy to use.

Versatile Video Scaling Options

There's no need to load any drivers or software on the server - all the software goes on your laptop. And it's no ordinary terminal emulation software. The adapter's software gives you real-time video scaling so you can always see the entire screen, even on small laptop displays. Enlarge the window to use all pixels of your laptop (with or without the laptop taskbar seen), or shrink to view another application next to it. Video adjustments also include sample phase sharpening and video noise filtering.

What's more, upon rebooting the connected system, the software interface gives you a command-line interface and BIOS-level visibility from start to finish.

You can even take screen snapshots (as PNG or JPEG files) for system analysis later.


  • Performing maintenance in server rooms without a lot of space, where you can't fit a crash cart or install a KVM console tray in the rack or cabinet.
  • Classrooms where the server or CPUs are stored in the back of the room and you need quick access to diagnose a problem while students are actively working at their computers.
  • Troubleshooting ATMs, kiosks, and retail PoS/PoP systems in stores and other areas heavily trafficked by the public.
  • Configuring digital signage in real-time at the screen, away from the controlling PC (just plug the adapter into the player).
  • Any field application where you need to interact with target computers.

Product Includes

  • (1) Adapter with built-in VGA and USB Cables
  • (1) Passive PS/2 to USB Keyboard Adapter
  • (1) USB Mini Type B Male to USB Type A Male Cable
  • (1) Flash Drive with Software and User Manual

Technical Specifications

Black Box KVT100A Resources

Black Box KVT100A Manual (PDF)

CE Approval Yes
Laptop Requirements PC running Windows® 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista® or Mac® OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher (Intel® processor only); (1) available high-speed USB port (100-mA current); 20 Megabytes available disk space for install; 24-bit color display
Power From the server or laptop USB interface with a maximum of 500 mA at 5 VDC
Resolutions (Maximum) 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz or 1600 x 1200 at 75 Hz
RoHS Yes
Server Requirements (1) USB port (full speed) for keyboard/mouse (500-mA current); analog VGA graphics output (analog DVI can be used with adapter); OS supporting absolute USB mouse (Windows 2000 and later, Mac OS, Linux®, etc.)
Item Specifications
Connectors Inputs on Integrated Cable (to server): VGA: HD15 (Male); USB: USB Type-A (Male); Outputs (to laptop): Mini USB Type-B (Female) (USB 2.0) with detachable USB Mini Type-B (Male) to USB Type-A (Male) cable
Dimensions 0.6"H x 2.9"W x 4.5"D (1.5 x 7.4 x 11.5 cm)
Weight 0.4 lb. (0.181 kg)