Raritan MasterConsole II 4 Port KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Raritan MCCAT18
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Raritan's MasterConsole II KVM switch product line provides complete and reliable control for any mix of 2 to 256 computers. It offers significant advancements in KVM switch features, flexibility, and price-performance. The Raritan MasterConsole II will eliminate the cost and clutter of unnecessary equipment, reclaim space and improve operational productivity for business critical applications that benefit from central control and monitoring of multiple computers. For example:
  • Network server management
  • Hardware/software testing and systems integration
  • PC production Q/A and burn-in testing
  • Multiple workstations access and operation
Raritan's unique emulation technology insures that each computer always sees its own keyboard and mouse. This means smooth, flawless switching and operation of mission-critical computers running the most demanding operating systems, such as Windows NT, Novell 4.x, UNIX or OpenVMS. Installation is simple and neat with our easy-to-manage, tangle-proof, coaxial cables, available in lengths of 6.5, 13, 20, and 30 feet. The on-screen user interface makes operation and switching effortless. Select computers by user-defined name or channel ID from pop-up menus. The selected computer's name is displayed for positive identification. Advanced features like password protection, variable rate AutoScan, AutoSkip, and PowerSave make system management secure, convenient and efficient. The Raritan MasterConsole II come with 4 channels.


  • 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel units
  • Mix any brand PCs, Macs, Suns, Alphas, RS/6000s, HP9000s, SGIs
  • Dedicated keyboard/mouse emulators for flawless computer operation
  • Keep-alive design for non-stop computer operation in event of power loss
  • High-resolution video--to 1600 x 1280
  • Powerful, on-screen user interface for simple systems management
  • User-assigned names for computers
  • Operation with on-screen menus or front panel buttons
  • Password security to insure authorized access to connected computers
  • PowerSave to turn off video signal to conserve energy, when switch is idle
  • Expand by cascading units to control up to 256 computers
  • Cascade satellite units up to 300' away
  • Add dual access point to computers up to 300' away
  • Fully compatible with most existing MasterConsole P models