AMI Web-Browser Based Software (MegaRAC ES1000)

MegaRAC ES1000


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AMI MegaRAC ES1000 is a web-browser based software for managing any IPMI-enabled server, including AMI's embedded management sub-systems.  The MegaRAC ES1000 features SSL security, complete event log and full compliance with standards such as IPMI 2.0 and CLP/SMASH for cross-platform management. The distinguishing feature of AMI's management software is its flexibility: utilizing MegaRAC Studio GUI development framework, OEMs can easily and completely customize MegaRAC ES1000, or add proprietary extensions to manage virtually any device on the network.  The ES1000 enables simultaneous redirection of multiple devices with KVMSViewer.

AMI MegaRAC ES1000 Features:

  • True enterprise level access to servers in multiple locations:
    • Centralized power control
    • Centralized monitoring
    • Event logging and alert management
    • Discovery based on IPMI 2.0 and UPNP\t
  • Fully IPMI 2.0 compliant
  • Fully compliant witrh CLP/SMASH specification for cross-platform management
  • KVMSViewer redirects multiple devices simultaneously connected to MegaRAC managed nodes
  • Can be easily customized and extended with MegaRACŪ Studio

AMI MegaRAC ES1000 Benefits:

  • Take control of all your servers from anywhere: power, BIOS settings, event log - Always stay in sync with server states
  • Perform cross-platform management at your
  • Location irrespective of the OS you use
  • Manage your servers in an industry standard way, IPMI and SMASH