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AMI's MegaRAC G3 is the newest generation in AMI's remote management controller family. The distinguishing strength of the MegaRAC G3 is its extendability through the G3 PDK that allows many modules and utilities to be developed and management policies to be executed.

MegaRAC G3 Overview:

  • Provisioning can be developed based on the G3 infrastructure.
  • Reliability and availability (RAS) can be addressed with provisioning software.
  • USB CD and floppy offers a simultaneous presence of two virtual devices for administrators.
  • Image-based boot allows the MegaRAC G3c the ability to boot from a bootable image located at the client system. Administrators can centralize the repository of all the bootable images needed for all servers.
  • IPMI style event log management and alert mechanism are followed, which comply with industry standard features.
  • RMCP allows for a common method of interaction with the BMC in the system over a secured TCP/IP connection. This helps tremendously in blade server management.
  • Built-in firewall capability that allows administrators to block desired TCP ports.
  • Multi-language support, as the MegaRAC G3c supports Unicode.

MegaRAC G3 Features and Benefits:

  • True out-of-band manageability
  • Completely OS and BIOS independent
  • High performance (up to 20 screens per second)
  • Multiple simultaneous client support
  • USB CD and floppy redirection
  • Reduces downtime for any mission-critical headless server

MegaRAC G3 Specifications:

Processor SOC 32-Bit 266 MHz
16K I-Cache
16K D-Cache
CPU Memory 32 MB PC-133 MHz SDRAM
Flash 16-Bit, 16 MB
VGA Capture Screen Resolution

640 x 480

800 x 600

1024 x 768

Power Supply

PCI 3.3V
WALL Adapter 6V
900ma/hr Lion batter

Frame Memory 

8 MB, 32-Bit SDRAM Standard option
16 MB Option for OEMs