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The Avocent Emerge MPX1000R HD multipoint extender receiver provides wired or wireless connectivity for moving high-definition content from one source to one or more destinations incorporating High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) technology. The Avocent MPX1000R can wirelessly transmit high resolution computer graphics, high-definition video, stereo audio, and control data to as many as eight wireless or LAN connected receivers.

The MPX1000R with the MPX1000T (sold separately) provide high-definition media support for use in professional audio-visual applications. Audio-video synchronization is maintained at each display and all wirelessly connected receivers remain in lock step with each other. Additional interchangeable modules are available for input/output of analog signals including composite video, component video, computer graphics; or digital HDMI/DVI signals.

The Emerge MPX1000R extender provides two primary user interfaces for system control and configuration: an intuitive menu system that lets you access multiple web pages and a front panel display to control and configure the system. The extender also allows for several methods to control external audio-visual equipment through RS-232 serial and infrared connections. The MPX1000R extender is field upgradeable to support future functionality.

Note: Media Modules are required for the Emerge HD multipoint extender system and are sold separately.

Avocent MPX1000 Wireless DVI-D Installation
Avocent MPX1000 Wireless DVI-D Installation

Avocent MPX1000R Features & Benefits:

  • Wired or Wireless Extension
  • Digital Input and Output   
  • Real-Time Compression
  • IR Control
  • Low Latency
  • Web Control Interface
  • Serial Interface
  • Interchangeable Antennas: Directional (optional) and omni-directional (standard)
  • AES 128 Bit Encryption

Avocent MPX1000R Specifications:

Height 1.7 in. (43 mm.)
Width 12.75 in. (323 mm.)
Depth 7.54 in. (192 mm.)
Weight 4.6 lbs. (2.01 kg.) with full A/V module
Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F (-20°C) to 120°F (48°C)
Humidity 20% to 80% (Non-condensing)
AC input/frequency 100 -240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Connections (Front)  
IR Receiver IR input
3.5 Mini IR Blaster output; the IR Blaster port supports enough drive current to handle 4 IR LEDs
SMA Connector (2) Antenna
Proprietary Zigbee module slot
Connections (Rear)  
RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 IEEE 802.3
RS-232 (Female) Serial control input
Power IEC
Input Module Input module slot
Antennas Two 2dB omni-directional
Question: Do you carry a replacement power supply for this unit?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative at 1-877-586-6654 for availability.

Question: What frequency do these units run on?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We are having trouble tracking down a manual for this discontinued model, but other (also discontinued) versions (MPX1450/1550) state the following:

UNII 1: (4 channels bonded to two 40MHz channels) 5.15-5.25 GHz
UNII 3: (5 channels bonded to two 40MHz channels) 5.725 to 5.825 GHz

NOTE: Future firmware releases will support un-bonded channels at lower bandwidth rates.

Firmware upgrades will be provided, allowing the product to transmit in the following frequencies:
- ISM: (11 channels bonded to three 40MHz channels) 2.412 to 2.462 GHz - (Available for use within the United States)
- UNII 2: (4 channels bonded to two 40MHz channels) 5.25-5.35 GHz
- ETSI: (11 channels bonded to five 40MHz channels)) 5.470-5.725 GHz