Raritan MasterConsole 32 Port KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Raritan DKX3-432
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Multi-user access and control simplified
Raritan MasterConsole MX4 is a full-featured, multi-platform, multi-user KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch with models to enable each of four simultaneous users to access and operate 8 computers. You can expand to control up to 1,024 computers by cascading Raritan MasterConsole MX4 units.

Secure, Flawless Operation of Business Critical Systems
The advanced on-screen user interface with multi-level security makes operation with the Raritan MasterConsole MX4 simple and secure. Raritan's unique emulation technology, which dedicates an individual, intelligent processor to each channel, means smooth, flawless boot-up and operation to any mix of computers running the most demanding operating systems. Just connect computers, plug in one to four user consoles (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), and operate.

Raritan MasterConsole MX4 Features:

  • Raritan MasterConsole MX4 connects 8 computers and 4 user consoles
  • Optional 19" rack mounting brackets
  • Cascade Raritan MasterConsole MX4s for access and control of up to 1,024 computers
  • Multi-platform - mix any brand PCs, Macs, Suns, Alphas, RS/6000s, HP9000s, SGIs, ASCII devices; also USB support
  • Any mix of computers running - Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell 4.x, UNIX, Linux, or OpenVMS
  • The Raritan MasterConsole MX4 has dedicated emulators to prevent keyboard/mouse lockup
  • "Keep-alive" design ensures non-stop computer operation in case of power loss to the switch
  • Supports high-resolution video - to 1600 x 1200
  • Connect computers, user consoles, and cascaded units with tangle-proof, coaxial cable in lengths of 2 to 30 feet
  • Use Cat5 Reach/Fiber Reach to connect computers, user consoles, and cascaded units up to 3,300 feet apart
  • On-screen user interface for simple operation
  • Assign meaningful names to connected computers and select by name from pop-up, on-screen menus
  • Store up to 60 user names, each with personalized operating profile
  • Multi-level security to ensure authorized access to each computer by each user; PublicView feature for video sharing
  • On-site firmware upgrades from a PC
  • PC Windows program to maintain configuration data and track real-time user activity