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Raritan MasterConsole Z

The MasterConsole Z (MZUST) is the latest innovation from Raritan.  The MasterConsole Z is a space-saving, flexible KVM solution that allows one user to access and manage up to 64 (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers at a distance of up to 700 feet, without any traditional KVM switch box or proprietary KVM coax cables. Servers are connected through a daisy-chain of computer interface modules (MZCIMs), each of which is connected to a target server.  The MasterConsole Z is the perfect KVM solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

The Raritan MasterConsole Z system consists of three basic components:

  • User Station (MZUST) - enables a user console (keyboard, video and mouse) to access and control up to 64 servers via simple, on-screen user interface.
  • Computer Interface Modules (MZCIMs) - innovative cables that connect directly to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of target servers via PS/2, USB or SUN interfaces to provide failsafe server access using Raritan's keyboard/mouse emulation technology. MZCIMs are linked (chained) one to the next with a single Cat5e UTP cable; the first MZCIM in the chain is linked to the User Station via Cat5e UTP cable. The same cable chain can accommodate PS/2, Sun and USB-connected servers.
  • Terminator (TER-ZCIM) - terminates the daisy-chain of MZCIMs.

MasterConsole Z is the ideal solution for:

  • Densely packed 1U and 2U rack mount servers
  • Small to medium-sized server rooms, data centers, ISPs and Web hosting facilities
  • Computer test labs, call centers, help desks, training rooms
  • Small and medium-sized businesses, where the servers are not all in the same room

Raritan MasterConsole Z (MZUST) Features & Benefits:

  • Space-saving design- Maximizes the use of data center space and KVM ports. Not a traditional "switch", therefore it takes up no rack space. Requires only a small desktop user station. Daisy-chain configuration eliminates server-to-switch coax cables, simplifying installation.
  • Simple installation- Plug-and-play installation, with auto-configuration and easy-to-use, on-screen display.
  • Video resolution- Supports the highest video resolution in the KVM industry - 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz
  • Security- Supports password-based authentication
  • Expandable- Allows one user to access and manage up to 64 servers through a User Station (MZUST) connected to a daisy-chain of interface modules (MZCIMs), one plugged into each target device.
  • Hardware platform independence- Works with a mixture of servers having PS/2, USB and Sun interfaces. This unique design manages with a switchless KVM solution what previously took several platform-specific switches.
  • Cat5 Simplicity- Utilizes Cat5e cabling for KVM signaling between the MZCIMs and from the modules to a single user console. The daisy-chain can be extended, with additional MZCIMs, up to 700 feet end to end. This makes it the logical choice in small to medium-sized data centers, where system administrators work in separate rooms from the servers themselves.
  • Target can be labeled with devices names- Allows easier computer selection from the on-screen menu.
  • Economical: Supports up to 64 PS/2, USB and Sun servers- The MasterConsole Z saves you time and money by giving the user access up to 64 PS/2, USB and Sun servers. The MZCIMs plug into the keyboard, video and mouse ports of each server using Raritan's unique DirectConnect technology. MZCIMs are included in the same daisy-chain, making this switchless KVM solution particularly economical.

    Raritan MasterConsole Z Installation Diagram

    MasterConsole Z Installation Diagram

Raritan MasterConsole Z (MZUST) Specifications:

Height 2 in. (50 mm.)
Width 11.5 in. (292 mm.)
Depth 10.5 in. (266 mm.)
Weight 5 Lbs. (2.2 kg.)
Operating Temperature 32 (0C) to 104 (40C)
Operating Voltage AC Power 100V-240V
Power Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
Video HD15 (F) VGA
Keyboard/Mouse Mini-DIN6 (F) PS/2
Form Factor 1U, full width, rack mountable
Question: Do you have a Certificate of Volatility for the MZUST, MZCIM-PS2, and MZCIM-USB units?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Please see below for the Certificate of Volatility for the Raritan MasterConsole Z series, which includes MZUST and MZCIM-xxx (MZCIM-PS2, MZCIM-USB, and MZCIM-Sun) models.

Letter of Volatility - Raritan MasterConsole Z

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