Features & Applications
These electronic KVM switches allow one keyboard, monitor and mouse to control up to 128 computers. Dedicated internal microprocessors emulate keyboard and mouse presence to each attached PC 100% of the time so all computers boot error free.
  • Control all network computers from one office.
  • Improve manageability of your computer room - eliminate extra cables, monitors, keyboards and mice.
  • Compatible with all PS/2-style PCs and laptops, HP9000, Silicon Graphics and IBM RS6000 workstations.
  • Compatible with IntelliMouseŽ.
  • Auto scan all computers to catch system failures early.
  • Broadcast keystrokes to all computers for simultaneous shut-downs.
  • Cascade smaller KVM switches together as your network grows-up to 128 ports.
Compatibility Control Methods
  • All connectors are female.
  • Connector is 6 pin miniDIN.
  • Keyboard and mouse presence are emulated 100% of the time so all computers boot error-free.
  • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
  • PC switch Will hard or soft boot all PCs 100% of the time.
  • SCROLL-, CAPS- & NUM- LOCK lights update upon switching.
  • All connectors are female.
  • Connector is 6 pin miniDIN.
  • Compatible with all standard 2-button PS/2 mice as well as the following:
    • Alps Glidepoint Touchpad-extended functions (i.e. tapping, etc.) are not supported.
    • Cirque Glidepoint Touchpad.
    • IBM Scroll Point mouse-extended stick functions are not supported.
    • Kensington Orbit Trackball.
    • Logitech (and other) 3-button mice.
    • Logitech 2-button Wheel Mouse.
    • Microsoft Ballpoint mouse.
    • Microsoft IntelliMouse.
  • Bandwidth is 150MHz.
  • Supports 1900x1200 resolution with no degradation.
  • All connectors are female 15 pin high density VGA.
  • Two-port switches draw power from attached computers.
  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60Hz for all switches with more than two ports.
Buttons on Front
  • Touch a button and be connected to a CPU or change modes of operation.
  • LEDs indicate currently selected port and mode of operation.
  • Hold in any button for more than two seconds to go into Scan Mode, Broadcast Mode or Command Mode.

    • Normal Operating Mode, the user can directly operate the selected computer with transparent presence of the NTI switch.
    • Scan Mode feature causes the switch to automatically and sequentially display the video from each powered on computer for 2-255 seconds.
    • Broadcast Mode feature allows the user's keystrokes to be sent to all powered on computers.
    • Command Mode allows the user to give instructions to the switch through their keyboard. Keystrokes are not passed to the computer.
  • Type CONTROL + ` to go into Command Mode. ("`" is the accent mark located on the same key as the tilde "~")
  • Press ESCAPE to leave Command Mode and return to Normal Mode
  • Scan Mode, Broadcast Mode or Command Modes are available from the keyboard

Wiring diagram of 4 port PS/2 kvm switch