NTI Nodemux 4-Port Rackmount Sun PC Multi-Platform KVM Switch



Replaced by: NTI Nodemux ST-4UO
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The NODEMUX® SUN PC Single-User Multi-platform KVM switch allows one keyboard, monitor and mouse to control up to 4 computers. Dedicated internal microprocessors emulate keyboard and mouse presence to each attached computer 100% of the time so all computers boot error-free.

  • Rackmount model
  • Compatible with PC, SUN and MAC (with ADB ports) computers, including HP9000, Silicon Graphics and IBM RS6000,
  • SUN Ultra 5 and 10 and any SUN with a VGA or 13W3 video port.
  • Connect a USB SUN or MAC to a switch with USB-SUN or USB-ADB adapters.
  • Control all network computers from one office.
  • Improve manageability of your computer room-eliminate extra cables, monitors, keyboards and mice.
  • Power down the switch without causing failures on SUN computers.
  • Catch system failures early with Scan Mode.
  • Broadcast keystrokes to all computers for simultaneous shutdown.
  • 19" metal case
  • Cables sold separately


  • Hosts
    • Supports PS/2-compatibles, including laptops, RS6000, SGI and HP9000.
    • Supports SUN, including ULTRAs™, SUN Blade™ 100, SUN Blade 1000, SUN Fire™ 280R, SUN Fire V20z and SUN Ray™.
    • Supports MACs, including G4, G5 and XServe.
    • USB-enabled SUN or MAC computers may be connected by using a USB-SUN or USB-ADB adapter.
  • Monitor
    • Crisp & clear 1900 x 1200 resolution.
    • Female 15-pin HD connectors.
    • A multiscan VGA monitor is required to display the different video outputs from different platforms.
    • Bandwidth is 150 MHz.
  • Mouse
    • PS/2 mouse connects to "Y" adapter cable with PS/2 keyboard.
    • Mice are hot-pluggable
    • PS/2 mouse can be an Intellimouse®, the wheel acts like a 3rd button for SUN.
    • SUN 3-button mice are supported.
    • MAC 1-button mice are supported. The second button of a PC mouse is emulated by holding down the key while clicking.
  • Keyboard
    • Female 8-pin miniDIN connectors.
    • User devices can be PS/2, SUN or MAC.
    • Keyboard is hot-pluggable.
    • MAC startup keys are supported on all platforms of input devices.
    • SUN startup keys are supported on SUN and PS/2 input devices.
    • Supported SUN and MAC Keyboards
    • Apple Extendded keyboard is the only MAC keyboard supported.
    • SUN US/English keyboards are supported across all platforms. Non-US SUN keyboards are supported to SUN-only computers.
  • Power
    • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz via AC Adapter.
    • The smaller models use AC adapters as their power source.
  • Environmental
    • Operating temperature: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)
    • Storage temperature: -20°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
    • Operating and Storage Relative Humidity: 17 to 90% non-condensing RH.
  • Control Method
    • Front Panel Interface
      • Touch a button and be connected to a CPU or change modes of operation.
      • LEDs indicate currently selected port and mode of operation.
      • Hold any button in for more than 5 seconds and go into Scan Mode, Broadcast Mode or Command Mode.
    • Keyboard
      • Type + <'> and go into Command Mode.
      • Scan Mode, Broadcast Mode or Command Mode are available from keyboard.