Raritan PC-Share KVM Splitter



Recommended replacement: Adder AVP4
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PC-Share is designed to provide a simple, cost-effective means to allow several users to share PC resources. With Raritan PC-Share, more than one user station, each with a keyboard, VGA monitor and PS/2 mouse, can alternately access and operate one PC from their location.

Multiple Stations for One PC:

  • Access one PC, either PS/2 or AT, from multiple locations

  • Share PC application data and peripherals

  • Maximize PC utilization, save steps, increase productivity

  • Secure PC in clean, safe place

  • Extend stations with coaxial or Category 5 UTP cable

Convenient Access
Up to five user stations can be connected for convenient access to the PC from wherever you need to be. User adjustable time-out and private view functions make operation simple and secure.

Two to five user stations can share access to one PC, either PS/2 or AT. All users can take control of the PC on first-come first-served basis. Only one user station (keyboard and/or mouse) is "active" at any one time. That active user station has exclusive control of the PC until the user is idle exceeding time-out limit. All attached monitors display that PC's video output unless the active user invokes the "Private View" function. The user can adjust time-out limit from 2 to 99 seconds.

A 2-foot cable, CCP06U, is provided to connect PC-Share to the PC's keyboard, VGA video, and mouse ports. Optional extension cables up to 30 feet are available.

For user station 1, plug the peripherals directly into the PC-Share. For user stations 2 and 3, use coaxial extension cables (CCPnnF) in lengths of 2, 5, 6, 13, 20, and 30 feet. For user stations 4 and 5, use standard Category 5 UTP cables up to 1,000 feet. The single PC can then be accessed and operated from any of the user stations.

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Raritan PC SHARE Installation and Operation