Adder IEC Power Supply Unit 5volt DC 2.5A


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The Adder PSU-IEC-5VDC-2.5A is a 2.5A power unit for most Adder products. Optional or additional power supply for use with most Adder products. Ideal for world wide use - simply use with the relevant local IEC ('kettle connector') lead (supplied). The PSU-IEC-5VDC-2.5A's power supply delivers 2.5A at 5V via 2.5 mm DC jack.

Question: Is this the correct power supply for the AL-IPEPS-DA
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

That is correct, you can externally power a single AL-IPEPS-DA using a PSU-IEC-5VDC-2.5A power supply, or two by also connecting a Squid power cable (CAB-XSERIES-4WAY-PWR) to the PSU-IEC-5VDC-2.5A PSU.

Alternatively, you can also use the heavy duty power adapter (PSU-IEC-5VDC-4AMP), in combination with the Squid power cable (CAB-XSERIES-4WAY-PWR) to supply up to four AL-IPEPS-DA units.