5VDC Device Power Cable / Converter Dongle - Adder RED PSU - 6.6 ft



Replaced by: Adder PSU-RPS-5V-3M
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Model: 6 ft

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Adder PSU-RPS-5V is a 2 meter (6.6 ft) 5VDC Power Converter Dongle (12V to 5V) for the Adder RED-PSU rack power supply. Adder devices that require a 5VDC supply require the use of a Converter dongle to form the link between the RED-PSU port and the device, while also transforming the voltage level. Each converter dongle has two leads: a 2.5mm power jack and a locking Kycon 3-pin plug. Each converter dongle must be placed in close proximity to the device - to assist with mounting dongles in congested spaces, an optional elongated rack bracket (RMK4D-R2) is available for AdderLink Infinity units that allows each dongle to be positioned just behind the device that it is powering.

If you need to power an Adder 12VDC device, you must use the stadard 12VDC Device Power Cables (VSC48) as the link.