Low-Cost Remote Power Reboot Switch with IEC320 C13 Outlet & 2 Digital Inputs/Outputs


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Low-Cost Remote Power Reboot Switch with IEC320 C13 Outlet & 2 Digital Inputs/Outputs

The ENVIROMUX Remote Power Reboot Switch is used to remotely reboot and control power (on/off) to a server or other powered device over IP.

PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 HDMI Over Gigabit IP Network Range Extender Diagram

PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 Features

  • Two operating modes for power reboot:
    • Manual - select the outlet and turn the power on/off/cycle.
    • Auto - scheduled, triggered, or configurable combination.
      • Scheduled - set date/time/duration of power cycle.
      • Triggered
        • Power on/off a device when a sensor connected to the digital input changes state.
        • Reboot (power cycle) and control power (on/off) to unresponsive IP devices that are connected to the PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 power outlet.
  • Configure, control, and monitor the unit via the easy-to-use web interface or HTTP REST API - makes it easy to control power from anywhere in the world.
  • Two digital inputs to monitor alarm contacts, environmental sensors, relays, and switch closures.
    • Shut down power when water or other environmental threats are detected.
  • Two digital open collector outputs for control of external devices - drive relays for process control, security, and environmental controls.
    • Digital outputs activate upon triggered event or via the user interface.
  • Monitor (ping) up to two IP network devices.
    • Unresponsive IP devices can be configured to trigger the outlet of PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 to power on/off/cycle.
  • Automatically configures network settings received from a connected DHCP server.
    • If a DHCP server is not found, the default static IP address will be used.
  • Dual password protection with separate user and administrator passwords.
  • Integrated mounting brackets for easy surface/wall mounting.
    • Optional DIN mounting available.
  • The Remote Reboot Switch is the ideal solution for many applications, such as:
    • Remote reboot of any device, router, server, kiosk, etc. The device need not be network attached.
    • Secure sensitive devices by keeping them powered off when not in use. This prevents hackers from detecting them at all times.
    • Power down equipment when not needed for power savings and to save on wear and tear.
    • Power up alert devices (sirens or lamps) or environmental systems (heaters, coolers, pumps, etc.)
  • Cascade an unlimited number of PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 using the digital I/O screw terminals.
    • For a single user interface, use with E-MNG-SH Self-Hosted Enterprise Environment Monitoring System Management Software. (Support coming soon.)
  • Flash upgradeable.
  • Features coming soon:
    • Compatibility with E-2D, E-5D, and E-16D as an IP sensor.
    • Compatibility with E-MNG-SH Self-Hosted Enterprise Environment Monitoring System Management Software.

PWR-RMT-RBT-C13 Technical Specifications


  • 90 to 264 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Power Switching: Up to 15 Amps at 105-125 VAC, 10 Amps at 210-240 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 1.4W max
  • Input Connector: one IEC 320 C14 plug
    • IEC 320 C13 to country-specific power cord included for connection to AC source.
  • Output Connector: One IEC 320 C13 receptacle
    • IEC 320 C14 power cord for connecting to device sold separately.

Digital Inputs

  • Two screw terminal pairs for connecting dry contact devices
  • Accepts 26 to 16AWG wire
  • Potential free
  • Voltage range: 0 to +36VDC
  • Over-voltage surge protected

Digital Outputs

  • Two screw terminal pairs for open-collector outputs
  • Accepts 26 to 16AWG wire
  • Rated sink current: 500 mA per output
  • +5VDC, 22kΩ pull-ups
  • Voltage range: 0 to +24VDC
  • Over-voltage surge protected

Network Interface

  • One female RJ45 connector
  • 10Base-T Ethernet interface, 10/100 network compatible
  • 5 ft (1.52 m) CAT5E cable inclduded


  • Auto-ping TCP Protocol
  • Operates and configures via HTTP web page
    • Supports Microsoft Edge, Firefox 1.5 and higher, Google Chrome, and Safari 1.3 and higher (for MAC)
  • Supports HTTP REST API to control power on/off with repsonse in JSON format.


  • Operating and storage temperature: -4 to 167°F (-20 to 75°C)
  • Operating and storage relative humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing RH.


  • WxDxH: 4.46x4.19x2.13 in (113x106x54 mm)
  • Includes mounting holes to match rack hole spacing.

Regulatory Approvals

  • CE, RoHS
  • TAA Compliant


  • Two years

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