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The Raritan Dominion PX-5534 is a Zero U PDU with 24 IEC outlets: 21 x C-13 and 3 x C-19. This Intelligent Remote Power Management Solution helps IT administrators improve uptime and staff productivity, save money and improve utilization of power resources.

With the Dominion PX:

  • Emergencies can be resolved with remote serial and TCP/IP access to outlet-level switching, improving MTTR.
  • Capacity planning is simplified with unit-level and outlet-level power utilization information.
  • Staff can gather detailed power information to improve uptime and productivity.
  • Travel costs and time can be saved with remote power cycling and monitoring.

Information provided by the Dominion n PX - displayed at the strip via an LED display, and remotely through a Web browser - can be used to improve capacity planning through power consumption information for both the PDU and individual receptacle. Precise, outlet-level access and control allows users to reboot attached devices. The intelligent Dominion PX offers secure access with 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords. Dominion PX supports advanced authorization options including outlet-level permissions and LDAP/S, RADIUS and Active Directory®. Flexible management interfaces support HTTP, HTTPS, IPMI, SMASH-CLP, SSH, Telnet and SNMP, as well as user-configurable, outlet-level delays for power sequencing.  

PX-5534 Features

Power Distribution

  • Power Sequencing: In the event the PX is reset, the outlets will be turned on in a user-defined sequence at user-defined intervals to prevent tripping circuit breakers due to in-rush currents. (Applies only to PX models that support switching.)
  • Receptacle Status Retention: In the event of a power outage, power is restored only to those receptacles that were on before the outage. For PX models that don't support switching, power will be restored to all outlets.
  • Circuit Breakers: The PX uses UL 489 circuit breakers instead of fuses in 30A/32A models or higher, meeting the newest safety standard for branch circuit protection (UL60950 third edition). This eliminates the need for spare fuses and the time to replace them. Also, in many cases, a certified/licensed electrician is required to replace a fuse, whereas circuit breakers can be reset by a user.

Power Monitoring

  • Power Metering: The PX enables users to measure power at the outlet level (RMS, apparent power), providing an accurate view of power consumption at both a server or PDU level.
  • Alerting: In case a threshold is exceeded, or a circuit breaker trips, the PX alerts the user via e-mail, SMS (via external gateway), audio alarm, and SNMP TRAPs, providing advanced warning before major incidents occur.
  • Overload Alarm: User-configurable current threshold provides audible and visual alarm on current overload, allowing the user to act immediately to prevent potential burnouts and interruption of services.
  • Environmental Monitoring: The PX supports external optional but fully integrated temperature and humidity sensors, providing early warning about hotspots or changes in cooling.
  • Seven-Segment LED Display: Shows actual current, voltage and circuit breaker status of the PDU for both the total strip and for individual receptacles.

Remote Access

  • IP Auto Configuration with DHCP, BOOTP: Easy setup and administration.
  • Flexible Remote Access Options: Users can access the PX through a variety of access protocols for switching (where supported), metering, data collection and monitoring:
    • Convenient HTML GUI
    • Server Management Interface (IPMI)
    • Network Management Interface (SNMP)
    • UNIX®-like console interface via serial connector or TELNET/SSH (compatible with SMASH server management)
  • Dynamic DNS Support: Users can access the PX over a connection with a dynamically assigned IP address - which corresponds to a single DNS name.
  • IPMI and SMASH CLP: The first and only PDU in the world that supports industry management standards: the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and the Distributed Management Task Force's (DMTF) Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) CLP, providing a uniform way to manage both servers and the PDU.

Power Management

  • HTML User Interface: The PX's intuitive browser-based GUI enables remote energy management.
  • Outlet Grouping: When using PX models which support switching in a stand-alone mode over TCP/IP, users can define multiple outlets across multiple PDUs to function as a single virtual outlet. This is useful for powering down and rebooting servers with redundant power supplies.
  • Virtual Outlets: For PX models that support switching, outlets on multiple PX units can be grouped for ease of management and administration of servers.
  • Integration with Multiple Raritan Solutions: Simplified power control capabilities, power on/off/recycle, is available through Raritan's Dominion KXII, Dominion SX, Paragon® II, and CommandCenter® Secure Gateway 3.1.1 or higher, providing systems administrators access to power control via one­user interface.


  • Up to 256-bit AES Encryption: The PX is the first and only PDU in the industry that supports 256-bit AES encryption.
  • SSL Certificate: Creating individual server side SSL certificates enhances the security level of PX.
  • Event Logging: Tracks user logins, logouts, and power activities for an audit trail to support regulatory compliance.
  • Local and Remote Authentication and Authorization: PX provides built-in support for standards-based authentication protocols, including LDAP/S, RADIUS, and Active Directory. When deployed in conjunction with other Raritan solutions, additional authentication schemes can be supported, including TACACS+, Kerberos, and SecureID.
  • User-Rights Per Outlet: An administrator can assign permissions on an outlet level to prevent unauthorized access.

Hardware Features

  • Vertical and Horizontal Rack Mount Models: PX units come in a choice of space-saving form factors for vertical and horizontal rack mounting. 1U and 2U units mount horizontally on standard racks. Zero U units mount vertically on rack frames.
  • Integration with Industry-Leading Racks: Easy integration and support for up to 5 different mounting positions in industry-leading racks.
  • Connections: Serial RJ-12 for environmental probes, RJ-45 for serial access/Power-CIM, RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Base-T. Link status, network activity, and 10/100 status LED. Full support for full-duplex and 100Mbps operation.
  • Receptacle Status LED: Individual LED indicator at each receptacle allow for quick and easy status checks at the rack.
  • Flexibility of Connections: Simultaneous connection via Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial ports for advanced applications and redundancy of connections

Raritan PX-5534 Specifications

Rack Space Zero U
Mounting Rack mount brackets included
Display Panel LED for PDU and outlet current and voltage
Line cord 10 ft. (3 m.)
Color Black powder coat
Height 70.08 in. (1780 mm.)
Width 2.06 in. (52 mm.)
Depth 2.57 in. (65 mm.)
Shipping Weight 18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg)
Operating temperature 5-45 degrees Celsius
Humidity 5-90% RH non-condensing
Altitude 10,000 feet
Nominal voltage 208, 240V AC, 3 phase
Maximum line current per phase 35A
Rated current 35A
Load capacity 12.5 kVA (at 208V), 14.4 kVA (at 240V)
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Plug type CS-8365-C
Nominal voltage 208, 240V AC
Maximum current draw 3 circuits x 20A
Switched receptacles 21 x IEC C-13, 3 x IEC C-19
Overload protection 3 x 20A triple pole UL489 circuit breakers
Input Current, voltage and power for each line
Output -Current, voltage and power for each outlet and total PDU
-Current and trip state (on/off) for each circuit breaker
Rack Environment Management Optional temperature and humidity sensors (RJ-12 connector)
Interface and Protocol Support
  • 10-100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)

  • RS-232 serial (RJ-45 connector)

  • SNMPv2, v3 TRAPs, GETs, SETs

  • Web browser and command line interface access

Approvals -FCC Part 15, A; UL and c-UL 60950
-RoHS compliant
Warranty Two years, 100% parts and workmanship