RALOY Sun-Compatible 8-Pin Serial Keyboard w/ Trackball



Replaced by: CyberView RK-1Se
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Raloy rackmount keyboard (RA-sunkb-serial) was custom built with the assistance of Sun Microsystems to work with Sun Microsystems systems. It contains Sun keys including the STOP key. Unlike other Sun compatible keyboards, this keyboard will fit in a 19-inch rack and only use 1U of rackspace. While the Raloy rackmount keyboard (RA-sunkb-serial) was designed to be used in the RFT model line, it can be used as a stand-alone or incorporated into a 1U rackmount drawer featuring a convenient wrist-rest.

Raloy Rackmount keyboard (RA-sunkb-serial) Features and Benefits

  • Rugged metal housing
  • Sun Keys: Cut, Paste, Stop, Compose, etc...
  • 3-button trackball
  • 8-pin connectors
  • 10-key keypad
  • Heavy duty key components
  • Outstanding key stroke feel
  • Solaris Ready Certified

A Sun-compatible keyboard fits into 1U of space. The Suntray features an 8-pin Serial keyboard that is fully compatible with Sun servers and workstations. Sun Microsystems has fully tested this keyboard and approved it for resell. The Raloy keyboard (RA-sunkb-serial) fits into the tray so securely that it stands up to mil-spec shock and vibration testing. The tray itself can be locked into the rack with thumbscrews so that it will not accidently slide out. The rails fit racks 22 inches to 38 inches from front rail to rear rail and the built-in wrist-rest allows for comfortable use.