Raritan Cat5 Reach KVM Extender System

The Raritan Cat5 Reach enables you to remotely access a single PC or multiple servers connected to a KVM switch. The remote user console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse) can be up to 1,000 feet away from the PC or KVM switch.

Cat5 Reach allows you to:

  • Operate a PC from wherever you want to be.
  • Keep your PC in a clean, secure environment.
  • Protect the PC, applications and valuable data.
  • Add a local user console, in addition to the remote user console.
  • Control all servers connected to a KVM switch remotely.

Cat5 Reach is easy to install and easy to use. Each Cat5 Reach model is packaged as a kit that includes a transmitter and receiver pair for use with your Enhanced Cat5 UTP cable. Just plug a keyboard, video and mouse into the receiver and operate. Automatic Video Tuning (AVT) adjusts video quality automatically, so no manual adjustments are needed.