Adder 30ft Remote Controller



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The Adder RC1-10m is a 32ft remote control module which replicates the key switch and display on most of Adder KVM switch products. With the RC1-10m remote control module you can select an alternative CPU by pressing the button and see which CPU is currently selected on the display. The module is small and compact so it can easily be attached to your keyboard, front of your monitor, or any other location required.

The RC1-10m is currently supported by the following Adder products:

  • AdderView 4OSD
  • AdderView 8OSD
  • AdderView USB (both variants)
  • SmartView 4
  • SmartView 4PRO
  • SmartView 8PRO
  • SmartView 12PRO
  • SmartView 16PRO