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ADDERLink VESA Rackmount Bracket


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The Adder RMKV4 (or RMK4V) is a VESA mounting bracket for AdderLink receiver units (1 per bracket) and can also be used to secure the receiver to walls and other solid surfaces.
Question: is this for two units or one unit and will this work for transmitters also?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Each RMK4V VESA mount will mount 1x AdderLink unit. The RMK4V does indeed also work for transmitters - same size as the receivers.

If you are looking at the Adder ALIP, ALIP Gold, CATX1000 series or Infinity products, and would prefer rack-mounting the transmitter units, you may also want to consider:
RMK4S (single device)
RMK4D (2 devices)