Gefen IR Remote for 4x2 Matrix


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The Gefen RMT-8MIRN is a IR Remote unit which is used in conjunction with the GefenToolBox 4x2 Matrix for HDMI 1.3. This IR remote can be used from across the room. The IR Remote is a line-of-sight device and normally can operate up to 30ft away from the 4x2 Matrix as long as the IR sensor is within sight.

How this IR Remote Works:

This IR remote is a point and click device. Point the RMT-8MIRN at the IR sensor on the 4x2 Matrix unit. There are two rows of numbers (1-4) corresponding to the HDMI inputs 1-4 used for output #1 and (5-8) corresponding to HDMI input 1-4 on output #2. Switching is straightforward, with additional information included in the 4x2 Matrix manual, which will also contain a table of all possible switching combinations using the remote control.

Gefen RMT-8MIRN Features:

  • IR Remote Switching for the GefenToolBox 4X2 Matrix for HDMI 1.3 product

Package Includes:

  • (1) RMT-8MIRN Remote unit
  • (2) Batteries

Gefen RMT-8MIRN Specifications:

  • 30 feet (10 meter) distance
  • Line-of-sight required

Formerly the RMT-8MIR

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