10GbE SFP Single Mode Fiber Module LC Connection


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SFP Type: Single-mode Fiber
Data Throughput: 10 Gigabits per second
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Adder SFP-SM-LC-10G is a Single-mode Fiber SFP module with LC connectors for use with the AdderLink INFINITY 4000 series. SFP-SM-LC-10G provides 10Gbps data rate up to 10KM away. SFP-SM-LC-10G modules require OS1 or OS2 single mode fiber. SFP-SM-LC-10G modules require OS1 or OS2 single mode fiber.

AdderLink INFINITY ALIF 4000 units can be either connected directly to each other or via a high speed (10GB) network. ALIF 4000 units provide two SFP cage ports for interface. Currently, these connections must be Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). A single fiber link (via SFP port 3) is sufficient to provide full 4K operation between ALIF4000 units. Where required, a second fiber link can be used (via SFP port 4) to provide link redundancy. 10Gb Ethernet Fiber SFP modules with LC type connectors are suitable up to distances of 300 Meters (Multi-mode) or 10KM (Single-mode) cable length.

ALIF 4000 units additionally allow for the dual network interface ports to be used in parallel ('Teaming Operation') with the added benefit of link redundancy that can maintain operation in the event of a failed connection. Teaming offers immediate speed improvements in a one-to-one arrangement as well as in multicast installations.