SmartAVI 4-Port PS2/USB Keyboard Mouse Switch



Replaced by: SmartAVI SKM-04-PRO-S
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Model: 4 Port

The SKM-04 System (SKM-04S) provides users with a solution to switching KM (Keyboard and Mouse) control of four computers, including those that use multiple displays. With support of up to 32 total displays, users can create the ultimate in secure KM management. This is a superior solution to operating a KVM environment with connected computers of multiple displays. Users can simply connect the monitors directly to the computers and use the SKM-04 to switch between computers for KM operation.

  • Manage four connected computers
  • Dedicated processors for emulation
  • USB port protection
  • PASS (Progressive Automatic Screen Switching) technology for automatic switching following the user's mouse movement
  • Front-panel, Hot Key, and RS-232 switching
  • Independent USB and Audio Switching
  • Driverless operation for easy implementation, including multi-head use

SmartAVI SKM-04 System typical application diagram
SKM-04 Typical Installation with Four Single Monitor Computers

PASS Seamless Mouse Switching

SmartAVI's new PASS (Progressive Automatic Screen Switching) technology allows seamless switching between computers by moving the mouse cursor from one display to another. With PASS, users can effortlessly switch computers for faster productivity. *Note, PASS is only available for use in single head configurations.

Driverless Multi-Display Computer Operation

The SKM-04 allows up for numerous displays to be used with its four connected computers. That means multiple multi-head computers can be managed with no drivers required. Users can connect up to four 8-head computers, for example, or up to four quad-head computers, and so on. When using computers with multiple displays, SmartAVI developed a new feature called Mouse Gesture Switching technology which allows switching between computers through the use of simple mouse clicks and gestures. Simply press the scroll wheel twice and then move the mouse in the direction of the channel you desire to switch.

The SKM-04 is completely driverless, requiring no software or updates (although the device has the capability for firmware updates). It is compatible with virtually any PC and all major operating systems without the need for software downloads, and it supports all USB 2.0 devices. With full USB keyboard and mouse emulation, the SKM-04 delivers the utmost in user-friendly operation. Furthermore, the device enables users to control KM functions on one computer while maintaining the connection of other USB peripheral devices on another connected computer simultaneously, without interruption for improved workflow.

SmartAVI SKM-04S application diagram w quad-head and dual head computers
SKM-04 Installation Showing Quad-Head and Dual-Head Computers

SMK-04S includes: SKM-04 KM Switch, PS5VDC2A Power Supply.

Height 1.0 in.
Width 12.5 in.
Depth5.0 in.
Weight1.5 lbs.
Power InputAC input 90-240V, 0.2A max at 110VAC, IEC-3 jack
Operating Temperature32 - 104°F (0 - 40 °C)
Storage Temperature-4 - 140 °F (-20 -60 °C)
Relative HumidityUp to 90%
CPU Ports(4) USB Type B and Audio input ports to connect computers
User Control Interface(2) USB Type-A for keyboard and mouse connection only
(2) PS/2 Ports for keyboard and mouse
Front PanelTactile switch
Hot KeysVia keyboard
MouseUser may set mouse speed, acceleration other cursor behaviors
ApprovalsUL/cUL60950, EN60 950 EMI/EMC: FCC Class B,
CE Mark, EN55022B, VCCI
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 813280023184
EAN 0813280023184
Question: This switch does not function at all with HP smart card reader keyboard. Is there a fix?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Smart Card readers typically require a transparent USB connection; Because of key emulation, the USB Keyboard and Mouse ports in most KM Switches, including the SKM-04, only support standard USB-HID class devices.

That being said, the SKM-04S does feature two transparent USB Hub ports that may work for your purpose; Try the steps below to try to make your Smart Card reader function:
  1. Try to plug in the Keyboard with Smart Card reader into one of the USB Hub ports instead of the Keyboard port.
    • Note: This may lead to loss in keyboard functionality such as Hot-key combination switching. Mouse switching should still work though.
    • Note: Some KVMs also require a wired keyboard to be connected to the KVMs regular keyboard USB port to function - you can put this keyboard aside and use the HP Keyboard with Smart Card instead.
  2. Un-install the driver for the HP keyboard.
    • Sometimes the proprietary driver for a 'smart' keyboard device can interfere with a KM switch, and compatibility issues can be solved by using the native driver included in the OS instead.
If the steps above don't work for your application, you may need to get a separate external Smart Card reader - Plug in a Keyboard to the Keyboard USB port, and then the Smart Card reader into one of the two Transparent USB Peripheral Hub ports.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can ever help you with!

---Response to Customer Follow-up ---

"I do not have the SKM-04 version not the "S"."
SMK-04S part number simply indicates the package - it includes: SKM-04 KM Switch + the PS5VDC2A Power Supply.

"I do not need the card reader to work at the moment but I do need the keyboard to switch with the mouse. the keyboard does not function when plugged into the usb keybpoard port. "
This would be because of the USB-HID restriction on emulated USB keyboard ports. This is unfortunately a standard issue with KM & KVM Switches that utilize emulation - which is normally a great feature to have, but it does interfere with specialized keyboards and mice. If you do not need the Smart Card Reader, honestly your best option for seamless compatibility without any 'patch' fixes would be to use a standard wired USB-HID keyboard without Hubs or Smart Card.

"If I plug it into one of the other ports as you said the keyboard does work but I am only able to switch between computers with the buttons on the skm not with the mouse switching. "
If you do want to use your existing keyboard, some KMs require a wired keyboard to be connected to the KVMs regular keyboard USB port to function - you can connect another separate wired keyboard to the standard USB port, put this keyboard aside, and use your HP Keyboard connected to the USB hub port instead. Note, Hot Key would still not be supported on the HP keyboard but the mouse switching should work.

"Is there a way to make the other usb ports switch with the mouse? Also is there a keyboard key combination to switch the kvm so people do not need to push the stat buttons so we are functioning at least a little in the meantime until we figure out another option?"
Switching using PASS technology or Multi-Head mouse switching will not switch the peripheral USB 2.0 devices. This is actually by design to prevent accidental disconnects during i.e. file transfer, but does create the need to independently switch peripheral USB hub ports. As far as Hot Key keyboard combination switching goes - the SKM-04 does indeed support keyboard combination switching, but it requires a standard wired keyboard that complies with the USB HID standard.